Twist and shout

Tom Daley and gymnast Nile Wilson test out some extreme positions

Anything interesting happening today? There are far worse ways to fritter away an afternoon than watching Tom Daley and Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson get all tangled up in one another while participating in a so-called “Extreme Yoga Challenge”; a game of athletic prowess and derring-do.

Suddenly, watching the eclipse feels so… Provincial.

Daley’s most-recent video finds the two dexterous men doing their damndest to pull off expert-level yoga poses, and it’s definitely diverting to watch, to say the least. They take requests from several celeb friends: Stephen Fry, Gus Kenworthy, Adam Peaty, and a not-remotely-jealous Dustin Lance Black, who has a very specific request.

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“This is a position I saw at Cirque le Soir,” he says. “This circus that comes to town occasionally. What is interesting about this position is that one of you is going to have to decide who’s reclining, and who’s erect.”

Ooh, cheeky devil.