Tom Daley Is Beautiful From Behind, Terry Miller Grows His Hair, Justin Bieber Still A Douche This #InstaWeek

Whoever said hot photos were only allowed on Tumblr?

Out soccer stud Anton Hysén undressed in front of the mirror (again). We don’t need an apparition to tell us who’s the fairest of them all.

RuPaul‘s Drag Race season 6 favorite snapped a shot with fellow frontrunners Adore Delano and Courtney Act. Could this be a final three hint?

Tom Daley showed off muscles you didn’t even know existed in a spectacular photo from behind. Cue cumshot jokes.

Scott Eastwood is in Hawaii, where he’ll hopefully spend the next few weeks taking shirtless selfies on the beach.

Dan Savage’s hunky husband Terry Miller is growing out his hair and still looks absolutely delicious. “Sorry you have to see me like this Dan,” he says. Come stay at our place, Terry. We don’t mind the #bedhead.

Andy Cohen looking #Tanorexic in a brand new shirtless selfie last week. Stay cool, daddy!

Not to be outdone by daddy Cohen, style guru Brad Goreski also snapped a half-chested hairy selfie while on his back.

Justin Bieber has been criticized this week for posting photos in which he allegedly claims to own luxurious things that are not his. We could care less — keep doing your thing, Justin. Just stay shirtless please.

Dan Osborne shared a snapshot of a single bead of sweat dripping down his perfect chest. Good workout, bro.

Underwear model Alex Minsky got in a summertime mood this week with his first poolside selfie this season.

Noted Russian gay Pavel Petel jumped on the Horny Toons bandwagon this week with his own twisted submission.

Derrick Gordon shook hands with a studly Anderson Cooper after becoming the first openly gay man in Division I college basketball this week. Afterward, Cooper jumped to his defense in a classy Twitter slapfight with a NOM spokesman.

Speaking of which, you really should follow Derrick Gordon on Instagram.

Former Spice Girl Mel B twerked her way back into our hearts this week (as if she ever left) with a sultry rump shake in hot pink hot pants. Yaaaas bitch!

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  • crowebobby

    Still a douche bag and still the hottest thing on here. If Hitler had looked like Justin, he’d have been hot as well.

  • carey579

    Hottest thing? O_O That lesbian (sorry girls) face, scrawny body, hideous tattoos, heinous fashion sense, plus lets not even start about his celeb status.

    The only one that I find conventionally sexy here is Clint Eastwood’s son and Anderson Cooper in a DILF way.

  • carey579

    I missed Dan Osborne but he’s sexy too despite all the tattoos.

  • tricky ricky

    justin beiber seems to have two stylized swastikas on his arm. I’m sure he’ll claim they’re something else but they are swastikas.

  • pierrot

    What is with the ubiquitous amount of tattoos these days? It’s harder and harder to find naked skin now :p

  • BritAus

    @tricky ricky: you mean the talons on the eagle? Trying to make something outta nothing are we?

  • Merv

    Bieber is hot and loathsome at the same time. Anyone who says he’s scrawny has not looked at a recent picture. If that picture above is accurate, I would even say he’s starting to get too stocky (I’ve always preferred a swimmer’s build).

  • hudson

    @Merv: I agree with you. he’s a hot little douchebag to be sure. too bad, he used to be a bit of a good boy role model for kids. great haircut tho.

    i know nothing about the Russian, but, that’s a body if there ever was one! off to google him now!

  • Passiongrows

    Justin Bieber is scrawny…the angle of the above picture makes him look buffed. But sorry no, Google his mage.

  • Merv

    @Passiongrows: He doesn’t just look buffed, he is buffed. I challenge you to find a recent picture (post-tattoo sleeve) where he looks scrawny. You won’t find it. Frankly, I think he’s on roids.

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