Tom Daley Loves His Gay Fans, Can’t Wait To Be Covered In Sticky Goo

tumblr_mr2cljTmFU1sqx7u2o1_500Pint-sized Olympic diver Tom Daley knows right where his fan base is at. The oft-shirtless cutie told Digital Spy this week that being named the “Sexiest Man” by a British gay magazine was “surreal” and “very cool,” all while pretending like it wasn’t a life goal all along.

Though he’s never been one to voice his opinion on LGBT issues, Tom says he thinks “it’s cool” that you touch yourself every time you see a photo of him:

“Everyone’s been so supportive. [The voters] are the people cheering me on during the Olympics, these are the people that give me extra motivation during training. I really appreciate it.”

Hot celebrities just love their inspiration, don’t they?

Tom also says that potentially being covered in splooge later this month will be “an honor.” He recently landed his first presenting role at Nickelodeon’s Fruit Shoot Skills Award, where Nickelodeon will employ the same shocking “celebrity slime dump” stunt they’ve recycled since the ’90s, and he really hopes he gets slimed this year.

And now, imagine this water as thick, green slime. It’s still pretty hot, no?