Tom Daley Pumps Iron Half-Naked And Soaking Wet In Brand New 2015 Calendar

tom-daley-2015-calendarThe world rejoices today as celebrated Olympic diver Tom Daley reveals the images included in his official, newly-launched 2015 calendar, which is very obviously his hottest and most erotic yet.

Though Tom has posed for his own sexy calendars in the past, this will be his first official calendar release as an out gay man. Of the 12 insanely hot preview images displayed on the calendar distributor’s website (it’s a 16-month calendar, so there are four more!), most appear to confirm that Tom is really enjoying his International sex symbol status as the Sexiest Man on Earth.

According to Tom, it’s never too early to get a copy (or 42) for yourself:

Below, enjoy brand new images of Tom Daley, soaking wet and in his underwear, lifting weights, taking his shirt off, and generally being the most perfect human to ever exist:





Pick up your copy today!