Tom Daley Reveals Dustin Lance Black iPhone Case, Checks Out Dan Osborne’s Package

Tom Daley can’t always be at the side of his boyfriend Dustin Lance Black, so when these boys find themselves separated by space, Tom finds more creative ways to keep his lover close to his bum.

The 19-year-old Olympic diver revealed an adorable new iPhone case in a too-cute Instagram selfie this week, which sports a custom-fit photo of he and his 39-year-old man. Aww! The selfie was snapped in an elevator following Tom’s appearance at the National Television Awards with some chick that really thinks she’s hot shit:

Sorry, girl. You’re not the focus here.

tom daley ntas_closeup

Tom attended the NTAs and presented an award with the cast of Britain’s reality diving competition show Splash. Per usual, he was one dapper lad:

Sources also confirmed that Dustin recently ditched LA and moved in with Tom in the UK. According to a Mirror spy:

[Dustin] likes it over here and gets on well with Tom’s friends and family, so would fit into Tom’s social circle easily. Tom’s worked really hard to make him feel welcome and Lance really appreciates it. He finds the attention he gets in public with Tom a little overwhelming, but he’s more than willing to deal with it for Tom.

Previously this week, Tom checked out the rockin’ bikini bod on UK reality star Danny Osborne (of “the UK’s Jersey Shore“) during an episode of Splash. It’s getting hard to keep track of all the gayness this boy is radiating! Good think we‘re doing it for you:


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