Tom Daley’s First Leaked Nude Is A Steamy Shower Pic From Behind

To tide you over until the inevitable Tom Daley/Dustin Lance Black sex tape leaks, we proudly present Tom Daley’s bare ass in the shower:

Screen-shot-2014-02-26-at-09.11.46 The Instagram pic, which allegedly shows the pint-sized diver’s toned bum looking fine as hell behind a steamy pane of glass, was posted by Tom’s best gal pal Sophie Lee.┬áThe hot bod was confirmed to be Tom by Sophie herself, and the insanely hot Speedo tan line is pretty indicative of Tom’s regular wardrobe.

The photo was deleted almost immediately after posting, presumably as soon as Tom got out of the shower and realized his beautiful ass had been revealed to the world. Also, why the hell was a woman watching Tom Daley shower?

Next time, Sophie, we’ll pay handsomely for a shot of the other side. Call us.

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  • ED49

    not interested and seeing a bird butt

  • katbox80

    I would’ve said, “the inevitable bareback sex clip with safe sex advocate dustin whatever.”

  • Cam

    He needs to dump that friend immediately. Somebody she knows is getting famous and she posts up a nude of them without the guys permission? She is trouble just waiting to happen. Dump her and get a real friend.

  • pierre

    @Cam: Agreed. That was a stupid and classless thing to do.

  • thenameismatt

    Doesn’t he claim to be bisexual? Perhaps they’re lovers and she’s claiming her territory!

  • boxjelly

    Looks like she wants to do him anally

  • balehead

    She sounds like a Crazy Stalker from Fatal Attraction…..not good…

  • dougmc92

    it’s kinda funny that people think this was without Tom’s knowledge or approval- the boy’s one of the biggest media manipulators on the planet- deleting it from their twitter/instagram hasn’t and won’t stop it from being out there (as they fully knew)- he needed some attention/press- and he got it. Mears and Laugher have posed nude and he needed to catch up some….it’s hardly the first butt shot of him- he’s had several speedo slips while diving- and the shower door blurs his butt out almost as butt as the pool water did…How many of us wouldn’t notice someone outside a clear shower curtain like that- standing in front of a light…come on!

  • dougmc92

    @dougmc92: that’s ‘almost as much as the pool water does…’

  • BadlySF

    This is the better side. The front side is over rated. I want more butt pics; I’m gay and I like manbutt. I’m not so much into that junk in the front.

  • sportyguy1983

    What a stupid friend. He definitely not a good judge of people if he has a friend like this and dates a creeper like Black.

  • Dxley

    But where is the ass?

  • SteveDenver

    His TV show SPLASH is apparently on the blocks, maybe this will help fluff up interest.

  • motivateme

    Firstly – Queerty your page is beginning to be a Perez Hilton delivery

    Secondly – this looks photoshopped and just a scam for Fame and popularity

    Thirdly – I will believe it when i see Tom Daley when he is totally full on frontal or at least showing himself naked for sure with complete facial close up and personal.

    Fourthly – REALLY QUEERTY!!! i mean REALLY you guys are really infatuated with this guy Tom Daley???? what say you give him a rest and then maybe next time show us the REAL DEAL when he is totally naked up close get REAL will you and stop leading on your loyal readers get factual not fictional here… us real exclusive and explicit facts of Tom Daley…this in my view is only a blotted out pic of a young ass no more than that for all you know it could be a pic of her little brother age of 17 whoknows for sure?.

    Fifthly – Tom Daley is not sure what his preference is but saying that he is dating a man right now which Happens to be Dustin well….till once and again he really say it outright that he IS gay then i will want to know all about him but right now he is manipulating and probably looking for the fame and popularity with it as well dont forget the boy is only young and from the UK hes looking for money fame popularity and more material riches sounds like solicitation to me more to the point a rent boy or momey boy….GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

  • Mdterp01

    Awww…what a cute little butt. Cute and little are two words I don’t ever want to come to mind when looking at man ass since I like them big and phat, but awww what a cute little butt he has.

  • SF Native

    MMM cute butt. But I have to agree with another poster this was planned by those 2.

  • DarkZephyr

    @tazz602: Hey, I think he rocks, if you don’t like it don’t look. Not everyone has the same tastes.

    The whining in the comment sections is becoming the real annoyance for me. “He has no body hair!” “He has too much body hair!” “He mansapes!” “He doesn’t manscape!” “There are too many white guys!” “He’s too old!” “He’s too young!” “He’s too fat!” “He’s too skinny!” “What a butter face!”. Jeez people. No wonder there is a body image problem among gay men.

  • Ryan26pdx

    Nice ass, but it isn’t like he was leaving a ton to the imagination beforehand.

  • lois 88

    Nice and serious juicy ass! What will I not give to kiss that butt, grab it whilst he is on me, doing whatever!
    There is every ossibility, that this is a media stunt, but as life is, it might be a case of having a dumb friend. ( Thank you sophi)
    @least is bum isbetter than harry styles’butt. Just saying!
    Queerty, keep tom daley news coming! I love him!

  • Cam

    Oh, one other questions…

    What is with the f*cking Duck lips? Does she not know how stupid that looks?

  • Sam Sand GCSG

    Looks perfect for leaking live virus, like old Greg Lugeanus. “Get out of the water, I’m an AIDS” – remember?


    @Sam Sand GCSG: what an ignorant thing to say!”I’m an AIDS”to quote Bugs Bunny – “WHAT A MAROON”

  • Sam Sand GCSG

    @DOLL4MAN: Check the press, that is what HE shouted after cracking his head open on the springboard. So insult the poor diseased but still sensitive and artistic being. At least he had the integrity to warn people.


    Very swipeable :p

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