Tom Daley’s Half-Naked Body Gets The Axe, “Splash” In Danger Of Cancellation

Tom-Daley-in-Splash-Episode-2.04-04The globe mourns today as UK television network ITV considers pulling the plug on Splash, the reality diving competition that provides Earth with the necessary weekly doses of 19-year-old Olympic pocket gay Tom Daley in wet speedos.

According to The Sun, ITV may put Splash on the chopping block after Tom’s final softcore porn dive with Dan Osborne pulled in dismal ratings, attracting only 4.4 million viewers compared to last year’s 6.5 million.

But fear not—ITV knows there’s value in half-nude glimpses of Tom Daley. They’re keeping him in their back pocket:

Splash! has been great fun and really captured the mood after the 2012 Olympics but ITV aren’t sure it will stand the test of time. At the moment they’re looking at ideas to replace it as well as more ideas for Tom.

Here’s an idea: A weekly one-hour live feed of Tom Daley and Dan Osborne dressing and undressing each other in designer swim trunks. Instant hit.

Here’s the notoriously sexually frustrated duo diving alongside each other: