Tom Daley’s throwback, Luke Evans’ thigh tat, & Matt Lister’s built-in blanket

This week Dr. Fauci discussed gay bathhouses, Trixie Mattel bought Milwaukee’s oldest gay bar, and an ex-gay QAnon believer’s Drag Race audition tape found its 15 minutes. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Barrett Pall wore heels.

Roberto Portales stretched.

Paolo Bellucci waved.

Charles Melton got between two rocks.

Trey Songz went viral.

Clayton Paterson took it all off.

David Guetta made breakfast.

Tom Daley went back to vacation.

Dennis Perry read a book.

Danny Griffin posed for Wonderland.

Jake Bain wore red.

Jackson O’Doherty grew his own goods.

Darren Kennedy found good lighting.

Matt Lister finished two months of home workouts.

Adam Peaty took an ice bath.

Omar Sharif Jr. showered.

Dyllón Burnside got comfortable.

Luke Evans got a thigh tattoo.

Johnny Sibilly took his pants off.

Richard Camacho wore leather.

Jake Picking had a smoke.

And T.J. Osborne came out of the closet.

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