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Tom Ford is about to make life even more awkward for Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Tom Ford in a tuxedo on the red carpet.

Donald Trump may have one more reason to avoid stepping out of the confines of his tacky, walled off, MAGA mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

These days as his plethora of legal battles make their way through the courts and an indictment continues to become a real possibility, the disgraced, twice impeached, one term former president rarely ventures outside of Mar-a-Lago. Not that we’re complaining!

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But now comes news that the ex-president and his wife Melania are about to get a rich and fabulous gay new neighbor, who it’s safe to say won’t be sporting a red hat anytime soon.

Fashion designer Tom Ford has dropped $51 million on a sprawling Palm Beach estate, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The property, which features a main residence with over 10,000 square feet of living space, rectangular pool, and a 2-bedroom guest house, also happens to be located about a mile up the road from the alleged insurrectionist’s compound.

Although Trump has been no friend to the queer community in general, he and Ford, 61, have had a contentious personal relationship over the years.

In 2019, a tweet went viral with a quote attributed to Ford that claimed he didn’t want to dress Melania because she’s a “glorified escort who steals speeches and has bad taste in men.”  

The savage quote turned out to be completely false as Ford vehemently denied ever saying it.

“Never! Never, ever, ever, have I said that Melania was an escort,” he told WWD. “I’ve never said anything derogatory about Melania. I never would say anything derogatory. It’s so weird, isn’t it, in today’s world the way someone out of nowhere can just make up a random quote and start circulating it on the Internet?”

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But the bad blood between the two businessmen goes back even further.

Prior to Trump taking up residence in the White House, Ford, who is a Democrat and disclosed he voted for Hillary Clinton, did admit why he was not interested in dressing Melania for any events or appearances.

“I was asked to dress her quite a few years ago and I declined,” Ford said in November 2016. “She’s not necessarily my image.”


Weeks later, Ford elaborated on his reasoning for not working with the former model turned first lady and how it had to do with being patriotic.

“Given this President’s beliefs about ‘made in America’–I think the clothes they wear should be made in America,” Ford told ELLE.com at the 2017 Golden Globes. 

“I think that whoever is the President, or the First Lady, should be wearing clothes at a price point that are accessible to most Americans, and wearing clothes made in America. My clothes are made in Italy. They’re very, very expensive.”

He added: “I don’t think most women or men in our country can relate to that, and I think the First Lady or the President should represent all people.”


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After Trump caught wind of Ford’s remarks, he responded in his trademark disparaging style and denied Melania ever wanted the services of the former creative director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.

“[She] never asked Tom Ford, doesn’t like Tom Ford, doesn’t like his designs,” he said during a TV appearance, according to Allure. “I’m not a fan of Tom Ford, never have been.” 

So, while the chances of Ford and Trump running into each other at the local Starbucks are less than zero, at least there’s one less supporter of his reelection campaign in the neighborhood. God bless, America.

And though he may not be throwing back cocktails with MAGA mob in Mar-a-Lago, Ford has been known to party with one Democrat Trump relative — Ivanka and Jared Kushner’s sister-in-law, Karlie Kloss.


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The supermodel, who is married to Jared’s brother Joshua Kushner, famously tweeted her disdain for Trump’s actions–or inaction–during the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol.

“Accepting the results of a legitimate democratic election is patriotic. Refusing to do so and inciting violence is anti-American,” Kloss wrote.

Perhaps Kloss will turn up at Ford’s Palm Beach housewarming party? Stay tuned!

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