Tom Hardy Has Dated Men, But Won’t Bottom

A year ago, actor Tom Hardy told the Daily Mail that he has had “sexual relations” with gay men. One week later, “a source close to the rising star” said his words were taken out of context. One month later, Hardy clairified that he’d never “done it all.”

Now he’d like to clarify that, unlike Sinead O’Connor, he won’t do anal.

Hardy’s original admission went like this:

“Of course I have [had sexual relations with other men]. I’m an actor for fuck’s sake. ‘I’ve played with everything and everyone. I love the form and the physicality, but now that I’m in my thirties, it doesn’t do it for me.

I’m done experimenting but there’s plenty of stuff in a relationship with another man, especially gay men, that I need in my life. A lot of gay men get my thing for shoes. I have definite feminine qualities and a lot of gay men are incredibly masculine.'”

And now?

“I don’t regret anything I’ve ever said It’s just a shame things are misconstrued and I don’t get the opportunity to explain…

I have never put my penis in a man… I’ve never had a cock in my arse, and I have no fucking desire for it. If that’s what you like, cool. But it doesn’t do it for me.”

When you’re a rising star, it’s very important to clarify whether or not you’ll do anal. It matters a great deal to casting directors.

Image via divasss