Tom Hardy Set To Take Off As Elton John In “Rocketman” Biopic

WC9V9660.tifWith his ripped body and pillow lips, Tom Hardy isn’t exactly the first person who comes to mind when imagining actors who could effectively play Elton John on the big screen, but the versatile thespian has landed the role of the out entertainer in the upcoming biopic Rocketman. Hardy has acquired a reputation for transforming his heart-throbbing good looks to suit characters he portrays such as the Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and as the real-life convict in Bronson so donning oversized sunglasses and a sequined wardrobe shouldn’t provide a challenge.

A press release to announce Hardy’s casting described the film:

Much like the man himself, Rocketman is a larger-than-life movie musical spectacle that tells the story of a child prodigy turned music legend.

Along with Justin Timberlake, the 36-year-old English-born Hardy has been on the shortlist to play the often-controversial John. He’s also played gay before, as a closeted gangster in the Guy Ritchie-directed crime drama RocknRolla. While it’s unknown if Hardy can play piano or sing, vocal skills won’t be required for Rocketman (but honestly, with lips like his, who cares what comes out of them?). John will reportedly re-record many of his famous hits to “parallel the emotional beats of the film that will have audiences on their feet, singing along to his much loved music.”

David Furnish, John’s longtime civil partner, will serve as a producer on the film, which is scheduled to begin shooting during fall of next year. Lee Hall, responsible for the much-loved Billy Elliot, has written the screenplay.


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  • Mr. E. Jones

    Is EJ really this vain, or is he just that homophobic that he can’t see an out gay actor playing him? Each day I despise the anti-gay entertainment wold more and more.

  • litper

    Tom is a bisexual homophobe who quickly went back into closet and said many nasty things about gay people. How can he play an out gay man?

  • Horse Lips

    Because there were no gay actors available who could play Elton?

  • Truth Addict

    Of course, I am going to watch it, but Justin Timberlake was my dream choice.

  • boring

    @litper: He can play an out gay man because he’s pretty excellent at that whole “acting” thing and all.


  • bledoutcolor

    Umm this guy looks nothing like Elton John? Eh not that it matters to me. I dont particularly like either the actor or the person being portrayed. Pretty neutral here. Just seems an odd choice considering the utter lack of resemblance.

  • DarkZephyr

    I used to be a big fan of Elton John a long time ago, but I think I started to rethink my admiration for him after I heard what a douche he could be and I listened to “This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore” for the first time.

  • Cam


    I never heard anything about him saying anti-gay stuff. I just did a search and couldn’t find anything either.

    What I remember is that he made a comment that he had messed around with guys, then kinda backed off when it got a lot of attention. Where is a link to back up what you said about him saying anything anti-gay?

    Oh, and lastly…PLEASE! Elton John WISHES. They should have cast Paul Giamanti to Play Elton, it would look more realistic.

  • kevininbuffalo

    This will probably be the biggest flop since the Lone Ranger.
    Seriously, who’s the market? Aging queens who remember his hits from 40 years ago? Waste of film.

  • LillianWoods

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