Tom Hardy’s Been Roaming The Wilderness Again


Here’s something to look forward to: Tom Hardy‘s popping onto FX. He’ll be doing a grizzled, bearded, gruff act, and therefore also inhabiting your fantasies for the foreseeable future.

The show’s called Taboo, which is promising, and launches January 10. It’s about a rich guy who was missing for years and suddenly returns to London to inherit a fortune — but he finds a lot of enemies trying to take his inheritance from him. Frankly, the character sounds like an entitled twerp if he expects to just have riches handed to him, but we’ll give him a chance.

A trailer shows a bunch of fancy hats and moody lighting. “I have done very foolish things,” Tom mutters to what looks like an aristocrat. “I do know the evil that you do, because I was once a part of it.”

So far this appears to be one of those shows where white guys growl at each other for an hour once a week. But the important part is a brief clip from the trailer in which he is seen in ridiculous white-man tribal-bro makeup and a thong, holding a spear and presumably hunting? Or something? Hard to say. As long as he’s wearing as little as possible, he can have as many silly hats as he wants.

Watch the trailer below: