You Talking To Me?

Tom Hiddleston Charms DeNiro, Graham Norton And The World With His Spot-On Impressions

THAfter Tom Hiddleston revealed he will proudly strip before the camera to “redress the balance” between male and female nude scenes, we thought we couldn’t appreciate this guy anymore. We were wrong.

The Thor actor, who stars in the upcoming Crimson Peak and I Saw the Light, stopped by Graham Norton’s chat show and wowed the host, fellow guests Robert DeNiro, Anne Hathaway, Kenneth Branagh and just about everyone watching with his stunning impressions. Hiddleston, whose growing legion of fans is known as Hiddlestoners, delivered spot-on vocal imitations of Owen Wilson, Christopher Walken, Al Pacino and, in a fearless act of bravado, DeNiro himself.

Watch Hiddleston dazzle with his uncanny vocal skills below.


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