Tom Perez Is Trumpeting the Justice Department’s Friendlier Way of Demeaning America’s Gays

Honestly, we’ve tried to forget what the Department of Justice called America’s gays in its offensive Defense of Marriage Act court filings in Log Cabin Republicans vs. the United States of America, but we’re pretty sure it had to do with a Big Love plotline. Something about incest or pedophilia or underage marriage? But when Tom Perez, he of DoJ’s Civil Rights Division (which is “protecting” gay persons this way), met with the gays in Milwaukee last week, he played down the significance of his department’s language. It’s not like he called you a bunch of fudgepacking faggots, after all.

When top Justice Department official Tom Perez sat down with gay leaders in Milwaukee last week, a member of the audience challenged him about a legal brief the department filed last year which many in the gay community took offense at.

“Someone brought up the DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act] brief and how hateful it was to LGBT people. He said look at least in the more recent briefs the language had been changed,” said Brion Collins, a spokesman for the LGBT Center, which hosted the discussion.

Indeed, they’ve come up with new ways to insinuate you’re second-class. Brava!

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