Tonight the DNC Will Cash Cheques From the Very Gay People It’s Been Ignoring


Michael Jackson’s death today is sad news. But it’s good news for folks like Gov. Mark Sanford, who will see a huge relief from the press assault that’s been tailing him for a week now and only growing more intense. As the 24-hour cable news cycle turns its attention to remembering Jackson, Sanford will get a free pass. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen with tonight’s gay DNC fundraiser.


As Queerty has been covering for more than a month, Vice President Joe Biden very shortly will welcome whatever’s left of the original, pre-boycott guest list at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington D.C. It will be followed by Monday’s closed door pow-wow with gay leaders at the White House.

Notes former President Bill Clinton adviser Richard Socarides: “Unless the president on Monday articulates a strong action plan, and is willing to do it with cameras rolling, it is going to go from bad to worse.”