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Tony Kusher Isn’t Impatient With Obama. He’s Impatient With You Bitchy Gays!

Playwright Tony Kushner, of Angels in America and that gay capitalism play fame, has more patience than you about the president’s gay rights agenda. Maybe he should be offering some tips to Obama for his State of the Union address!

T-Kush’s frustration isn’t with the president and his seemingly post-inauguration absence of fierce advocacy, but with the LGBT community. That’s you, jerks! The administration’s challenges are “so overwhelming” that Kush “has no problem whatsoever extending a tremendous amount of good faith in [Obama’s] direction.”

Pointing to the hate crimes legislation as Obama’s brownie points, Kushner also believes the president will repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell — “at some point, if he has two terms, at least.” Oh, that just makes us giggle.

“It would be a great mistake for the left to turn on him at this point,” Kushner says. “What he seems to be doing is trying to move the country in a progressive direction.” Really?