Tony Kushner Chats It Up

We may not be as into theater as some other fags, but we definitely have a thing for Tony Kushner. Who can resist a little Angels in America, right? So, we’re thrilled that our friends over at AfterElton sent us this link to their interview with Kushner to discuss the upcoming documentary on him, Wrestling with Angels, as well as his upcoming musical, Caroline, Or Change.

Of course, what’s a gay interview today without a little Foley rumination? Not surprisingly, Kushner’s got plenty to say about Foley and his wiley ways:

The political scandal du jour, about Florida Republican Rep. Mark Foley, is on Kushner’s mind these days. When asked what he thinks about the subject, Kushner responds in a way that many gays have probably felt during this the whole sordid affair: “Oh, great, thanks! It’s good for you [Foley] to take this moment to come out of the closet now that you have been revealed as a sexual predator.”

Hey, if you can’t come out after being exposed as a sexual predator, when can you come out?

As if that’s not enough, Kushner says he’s “horrified” by Jim McGreevey. Yeah, we are, too.

Note: If you’re a comment reader like us, you’ll notice a reader said that Kushner’s play, Caroline, or Change closed in 2004. The AfterElton article, we should clarify, discusses the upcoming production at London’s National Theatre. So there.