Tony Perkins Doesn’t Like It When Gay Flicks Beat Blockbusters At Golden Globes

As in past years, the Globes proved that studios are far less concerned about entertaining people than they with indoctrinating them. Last night’s awards were a celebration — not of America’s values, but of Hollywood’s. Projects like The Kids Are All Right, Black Swan, Glee, and others were rewarded for pushing the cultural envelope or advancing a liberal political agenda. That may be how Hollywood defines “success,” but it certainly isn’t how audiences do. Neither of those films cracked the top 49 in last year’s box office. In fact, The Kids Are All Right, which is the story of two lesbians raising a family, came in 113th in ticket sales. Toy Story 3, last year’s box office winner, made 21 times more money than Kids did. What’s more, Toy Story 3‘s $415,004,880 was more than all four R-rated nominees for Best Picture combined! Audiences want to be inspired and uplifted. They don’t want to spend two hours covering their kids’ eyes and ears. And the numbers bear that out. In the top 17 movies of 2010, not one was rated R. Obviously, wholesome, family-friendly shows are not only good for the soul, they’re good for business! And until producers really embrace that reality, they can expect more unhappy endings — like this headline from earlier today: “Hollywood box office slump continues.”

—Tony Perkins, the Family Research Council president, would never admit to watching the Golden Globes for pleasure [FRC]

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  • justiceontherocks

    Yes, Tony, the foreign press is out to get you. Everyone is out to get you.

    This little tirade is proof of two things: 10 You can find statistics to support anything and 2)Tony is a prissy little lesbian wannabe.

  • paulD

    I have this bizarre image of Tony Perkins sitting on the family room sofa with a bowl of popcorn, and watching the Golden Globes, and commenting on the gowns…….

  • Kam

    Um, excuse me, but when has a Blockbuster ever won a Globe? Blockbuster wins are few an far between. Hot topic movies always beat them, regardless of how much money they make. It’s not the outside viewers deciding, but inside voters.

  • Cam

    Yes, and the audience responded with their dollars. This was a show giving awards for particular performances, screenwriting, etc… Perkins must admit that Shakesphere or Jane Austin are very well written, well movies based on their writings are still good even if they don’t break half a billion at the box office…fool.

  • ewe

    Tony Perkins has a smelly dirty asshole.

  • ewe

    Excuse me, i mean Tony Perkins has a smelly “crusty” asshole.

  • TomMc

    So it’s all about the financial profit? Not exactly a Christian sentiment Mr. Perkins.

  • greenmanTN

    The Culture War is all fun and games until somebody loses their mind!

  • WillBFair

    I caught a couple minutes of the Globes, and I wondered if they weren’t being too obviously political. But I don’t care. After thousands of years of being treated unfairly, we should get a smidge of favoritism.
    And Hollywood is our stomping ground. Perkins should just be thankful that our people make so many great, family freindly movies. Typical ingrate.

  • ROB

    This guy is so far back in the closet he’s fucking Mr Tumnus…

  • Steve

    Yes, because Toy Story 3’s take on Ken was completely wholesome and wasn’t in any way gay. Plus, he clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about if he said that Glee didn’t break any box office record, you know, since its a TV show.

    He of course, also neglects to mention the fact that these movies and shows have all been praised, by both critics and audiences alike. Maybe R-rated movies didn’t make as much as G-movies since not everyone can go see them, Tony?

  • Blake J

    Of course the majority of people support fluffy movies, because thinking is beyond most of them.

    These religious and political figures only survive when they are keeping people ignorant, so any worth while movies are discouraged from being viewed!

    A blockbuster is rarely a well made movie, so of course they do not win awards.

    I wonder what Tony does with his rent boys / lovers, because he just exudes self-loathing homosexual tendencies.

  • Marcus M.


    Well, Avatar comes to mind. But generally, your point is true.

  • gregger

    @ewe: Tony Perkins is a smelly, crusty, and well used (unsafely) asshole.

  • Meowzer

    I used to think when I was younger, why do all the boring stuffy movies always win awards? Not the funny cartoon, smash and crash movies.
    THEN I GREW UP and realized people have views different than my own.
    Good luck at the Oscars Tony, you’re probably in for a long night.

  • Gregoire

    Toy Story 3 did win a Golden Globe so what’s his point? Maybe he’d prefer the People’s Choice Awards. Oh yes, Glee won those too!

  • GayMeat

    @ROB: that is the funniest comment i’ve ever read. EVER!

  • Casey

    I agree, Toy Story 3 was better. I wouldn’t watch those three stupid movies or show.

  • AgBoiNV

    Well, as Buzz Lightyear would say “Tony, you are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity”….

  • Adam Sank

    Can you imagine if this were your job? To send out asinine, mean-spirited, intellectually dishonest press releases all day? What an utter piece of shit.

  • jason

    There was nothing remotely gay-friendly about the Golden Globes. None of the movies showed gay men. There was nothing there for gay men. Just goes to show that Hollywood continues to shun gay men and their relationships.

    As for the The Kids Are Allright, it was about two so-called lesbians with a straight man in their life. Yaaawwwwn……

  • jack

    @jason: well, hearing “Mark Ruffalo” and “sperm donor” in the same sentence was enough to get my mind a-wandering …

  • Jon

    Um the [horrid] winner for last year’s Best Picture was Avatar..

  • Soupy

    No, it was “The Hurt Locker”.

  • GetBalance

    One-note Tony notes the masses once again.

  • GetBalance

    Did anyone ever point out to him that beige is not the only color? One-note Tony bores the masses once again.

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