Tony Perkins: Gay Kids Hang Themselves Because They Know Their Sexual Orientation Is Wretched

There’s no correlation between inacceptance of homosexuality and depression and suicide. … These young people who identify as gay or lesbian, we know from the social science that they have a higher propensity to depression or suicide because of that internal conflict.

—Tony Perkins, the perpetual liar and Family Research Council president the media continues to treat as a reasonable person worth listening to, denounces the idea that kids suffering from “abnormal” homosexuality kill themselves because they are bullied

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  • Sug Night

    I would say the “internal conflict” is in part (mostly?) caused by all the “external conflict”, including this numbskull’s bigotry and hatred. Can someone please send HIM a rope?

  • ewe

    Tony Perkins has a crusty smelly ass.

  • Cam

    Yes, you’re right Tony, all of these kids only live in their own minds. Nothing that goes on in the outside world has any effect on them at all.

    Must be why they all flee places like Mississippi for larger more accepting cities. It’s just accidental, it doesn’t REALLY have anything to do with wanting to escape harassment.

    What a stupid douchebag.


    You know one would think that maybe possibly when it comes to kids these vile reprehsive absolute scumbags would kinda throttle back on their not stop 24/7 spew hatred on the gays………

    Tony Perkins: These kids suffer not from any physcobabble but plain and simple from the pure unadultrated hatered spewed by you and you vile cohorts in the campaign of hatred for Gays. You proudly proclaim that you are leading a life led by a correct moral compass. And that you are and your vile scumbags continue to spew our religious dogma that you are following God’s word. Well God created Gay persons at inception. These kids are simply trying to navigate their way in this confusing world of dozens of conflicting messages. Nontheless, they are God’s creatures created as per his design.

    What God did not create was hatefull, raging, bigots who purposly spew harm and hurt on fellow human beings as you and your wicked ilk so gleefully spew. The greatest act of karma since the creation of the humanity is that when the Gay kids approach heaven, they will be welcomed with open arms. You and your rabid cohorts will be informed that because of your wicked, evil lives you have lived you are being sent directley to the gates of hell where Satan has a special corner reserved for you to spend eternity in damnation………

  • customartist

    Letter to NPR –

    To: Barbara Bradley Hagerty
    Michelle Norris

    Re: Religious Undercurrent Ripples In Anti-Gay Bullying

    Dear Ms. Hagerty and Ms. Norris,

    I am writing with concern over the recent airing of Tony Perkins’ statements with the contention that there is some “social science” with regard to the reasoning behind Gay Youth Suicides, in so much that it is caused not by the external pressures from society, but from internal feelings of hate and self worthlessness. He is wrong.

    There is authentic science of a non-religious and professional perspective specifically to the contrary from the American Psychological Society and from the American Psychiatric Society, confirming that significant oppression in gay youth factually comes from external sources, to which I contend Mr. Perkins’ religious beliefs and actions contribute.

    Would you please invite credible representatives from either or both of these organizations to your program so that they might provide valid information to your audience, and so that your audience might be afforded the opportunity to consider factual science as opposed to particular religious perspectives.

    Thank you for your consideration, and I will be listening for your responses.

    Email NPR

    Call NPR
    (202) 513-3232

  • Chuck

    Why do people keep giving this known homophobe a platform as if he has anything to say. He hates gay people. We all know that. He has no special research, he is not privy to any special knowledge. Why should just hating a group of people be a means to a career in this country. Who would give someone who hates African Americans, or Jews, or any other minority a platform as if is is somehow a point worth hearing. This evil demon has no point. He hates gays. Well that’s for his own psychoanalyst to figure out why. No one else needs to see his ugly face telling us how he hates gays. We already know that. We also know anything that comes out of his mouth will be some version of that. Seems like gays are pretty important to him because without us, he’d have no career. Tony Perkins is, err, hates gays. We all know this. Move on media please. You are just encouraging him by giving him the attention he craves. Let his have his tantrums on his own time. I don’t want to watch. He has nothing to offer society. Pay him no mind.

  • jon

    Wow when I came out and i found out that there was no hate from my friends and just love I had ZERO!!!!!!! huge negative feelings anymore about myself. So Tony there is a nice spot in hell just for you.

  • Soupy

    Tony Perkins is…Psycho. He killed his mother didn’t he?

  • demonyc

    “…we know from the social science…”

    The “social science” called religion.

  • McMike

    He is soooo gay. You know I’d be willing to stop having gay sex if Perkins could pass a peter-meter test.

    What a f’n fag.

  • AdonisOfFire

    What an idiot, he thinks because gay kids have an internal conflict because idiots like him make them feel bad…then being gay is evil. The truth is that instead of changing the gays to fit society, society needs to change and we have to make it change, please dear LGBT brothers and sister…don’t allow yourself to be abused and mistreated anymore, don’t take insults and abuse as if you deserved it, please fight back, please be strong and proud, it’s the only way we can win.

  • kevin

    “psychobabble”? Um, Tony, The APA has already stated that societal hostility toward gays is most to blame for any perceived pathology that gays may suffer.

  • Scott in NYC

    This guy is either as stupid or he sounds or thinks other people are as stupid as he sounds…

    The “interal conflict” – to the extent his assertion has any validity – is often between what the person knows is right from his very own nature and what people like Tony Perkins himself tell him is wrong, amominable, etc. THAT’s the epic conflict for gay teens today.

    The idea that depression is not and can not be caused by large swaths of people telling someone that their very nature is an abomination and a blight on society and they’re going to hell, etc., bucks the last 60 years of psychological research, to say nothing of anecdotal and personal experience.

  • the crustybastard

    Mr. Perkins,

    Yes, I’m afraid bullying indeed correlates to suicide, but all I have for evidence is facts — not the collected wisdom of some Bronze Age shepherds cum genocidal militarists as compiled and enhanced by some fanatics during the Dark Ages.

    I won’t trouble you with facts, as you clearly have no use for them.

    Likewise, religious bullying like yours is the reason why, in poll after poll, fewer Americans are self-identifying as “Christian,” and church attendance and baptisms are going right into the toilet — down 20% in some denominations. In your quest to make America a more Christian nation, you and your ilk seem to be considerably more successful in driving people away from Christianity. Awesome!

    In recognition of the fact that you are the sort of Christian who turns people away from God, thus a gigantic failure of a truly wretched human being, perhaps you should take your own advice and go kill yourself?

    It would be the one way you could actually make the world a better place.

    the crustybastard

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