Tony Perkins Has a Problem With Elena Kagan’s Problem With Discrimination

I was so pleased to see my good friend Tony Perkins all up in the U.S. Senate yesterday, where elected officials gave the floor to a man who wants to protect soldiers from all the raping that’s going to happen. Perkins was there to discuss Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, and how she wants to “use the military to advocate radical social policy.” Preach it, baby.

“Note that Kagan and the professors condemn not only a society that ‘discriminates,’ but a society ‘that tolerates discrimination by its members,’” said Perkins in prepared remarks. “I abhor discrimination based on race and other immutable characteristics, but the implications of this are chilling for the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. It should alarm those who live in the 45 states that define marriage as the union of a man and a woman, and to the tens of millions of Americans who affirm biblical moral teaching.”

Hey look at that! We jumped from national security to marriage to the Bible in one paragraph. If Kagan’s worst sin is finding nothing wrong with our “behavior,” then I say give her a black robe. But we actually don’t know what Kagan’s worst sin is; and that’s kind of the real problem.

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    “I abhor discrimination based on race and other immutable characteristics”

    Give me a fcuking break! Perkins has been has waged a war of discrimination against all things Gay for decades…….

    This vile hateful scumbag bigot has the twisted logic that because he thumps and humps the bible that gives him the right to try and force his beliefs on the rest of the country. I can not wait until the day when all the skeletons hiding in this scumbags closet come tumbling out……

  • Cam

    And he was speaking there why? Is he ha legal expert? Is he a Supreme Court historian? Or was he just there because one of the backwoods Senators doesn’t want “One of them New York Gay Loving Manhattan people who aren’t even Christian!” on the Supreme Court so he found the modern day equivilant of a backwoods preacher to try to attack her?

  • Steffen L. Norgren

    So, all of the following countries are obviously not doing a good job of running their military because they allow gays in the military, right?

    Czech Republic
    The Netherlands
    New Zealand
    South Africa
    United Kingdom

  • ewe

    I am appalled that he was allowed in there to speak. He is not an elected official and he is spewing his hate disguised behind HIS warped superstitious god. More importantly, i don’t give a fuck about his personal hangups anyway. Did anyone tell him he is an idiot. Why was there not just one person on that floor that said, “Mr. Perkins. You are an idiot and i am ashamed our system has allowed for you to be part of our forum to push your homophobic rhetoric uninterrupted. Please go away and fuck yourself too. Goodbye douchebag.”

  • Chuck

    What right does this total douche closet case bigot have to speak in public, let alone in Congress. Who is paying his bills? And what are his credentials besides being a projecting, self hating closet case who will never live down all the teasing he got in high school for being named after a gay actor?

    For all the crap he throws around, can someone please start interrogating him. I mean, how can hating yourself, urmm, hating gay people, be a prolific career choice?

  • Robert

    “I oppose discrimination based on race”

    Is that why you gave a speech at the Council of Conservative Citizens, an un-abashed white supremacist group when they were well known to be a white supremacist group?

  • Chitown Kev


    Thank you.

    There’s even pictures of it. Would someone…anyone in the media (yes, you, Anderson Cooper) please ask Tony Perkins this question.

  • Dave

    So if it’s ok to discriminate based on mutable characteristics, which Tony implies, then I guess it’s ok to discriminate against Tony for his mutable religion, right?

  • Baxter

    @Cam: He gets to speak for the same reason that the president of Planned Parenthood got to speak at the Roberts nomination hearing. I’m not sure who gets to pick these witnesses, but both sides bring in random people to bash/support nominees.

  • tjr101

    It speaks volumes of the state of the GOP when they bring an unelected, proud bigot like Tony Perkins to speak in congress. To give someone like this legitimacy is just sick.

  • jeffree

    Better headline: “Tony Perkins has a Problem Being Relevant!”

    I wait for the day when he joins the ranks of Rekers, Massa, As*burn, Haggard, Craig, et al in being shown to be a full-on supah-gay.

    Mean while, he is still oddly obbsessed with teh gheys. He spends more time thinking about MSM activities than I do !

  • the crustybastard

    U.S. Constitution: Article 2 § 2:

    The President shall…nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint…Judges of the supreme Court…

    When was Tony Perkins elected to the Senate?

    His advice is unwelcome and his consent is unnecessary. How unspeakably vile that anybody might imagine it was.

  • McMike

    The reaction of the Senators is fascinating. Shame, boredom and disgust have never been more eloquently expressed with such stoic faces.

  • jason

    It’s amazing that Tony Jerkoff was given a forum. Nevertheless, it’s a valuable insight into the warped logic of this professional turd.

  • Flex

    Why are christianists surprised by the fact that they have so much negativity, and animosity, directed towards them? They deserve it because they advocate for our damnation, and their brand of religion is vapid without it.

  • GEW


    You’re forgetting that the US is god’s nation of today. It doesn’t matter that other nations allow gays and lesbians to serve in their militaries.

    Said militaries are inferior to that of god’s chosen nation, and therefore, what they do is of little to no consequence. If ANYthing, those other militaries are clearly inferior beCAUSE they allow gays and lesbians to serve in them.

    How else can it that you never hear this list of other nations brought up when discussion of DADT arises?

    Personally, I think it indicitive of a fossilzed mindset. Either that, or there’s somethig wrong with the straight members of the armed forces that they’re somehow incapable of working alongside their gay brethren, who also, by the way, put their lives AND careers on the line every day in areas of conflict.

  • Morgan

    But he doesn’t mind discriminating against gays. His abhorrence against discrimination is a sham and a farce because he wants to discriminate against some people and not against others.

    Fewer and fewer young people share Perkins anti-gay views as time goes on. Being anti-gay is a trait that is fading away with each new generation of young adults of military age. More and more young people as time goes by are personally familiar with gay friends, neighbor, relatives, co-workers, etc and are comfortable with such.

    Some of these same young people who are not anti-gay are showing up in the military in greater numbers with each new generation.
    And they get to see that some of our country’s closest allies have gays serving in their militaries with no problem at all and they must be wondering to themselves what is wrong with the US of A. A rare “modern” western democracy “that just doesn’t get it” in this regard.

    Perkins is living in the past and he just sounds like a broken record that has gotten stuck and cannot move forward.

    He has nothing to add to the debate at all since any knowledgeable person can see that he is just repeating the same old stale disproven red herrings and that he is just not making any sense at all as soon as he opens his mouth.

  • Daniel

    @Dave: Thanks Dave you beat me to it.

  • jmmartin

    I am so TIRED of this guy! When are they going to bring back the REAL Tony Perkins?

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