Tony Perkins Has a Problem With Elena Kagan’s Problem With Discrimination

I was so pleased to see my good friend Tony Perkins all up in the U.S. Senate yesterday, where elected officials gave the floor to a man who wants to protect soldiers from all the raping that’s going to happen. Perkins was there to discuss Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, and how she wants to “use the military to advocate radical social policy.” Preach it, baby.

“Note that Kagan and the professors condemn not only a society that ‘discriminates,’ but a society ‘that tolerates discrimination by its members,'” said Perkins in prepared remarks. “I abhor discrimination based on race and other immutable characteristics, but the implications of this are chilling for the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. It should alarm those who live in the 45 states that define marriage as the union of a man and a woman, and to the tens of millions of Americans who affirm biblical moral teaching.”

Hey look at that! We jumped from national security to marriage to the Bible in one paragraph. If Kagan’s worst sin is finding nothing wrong with our “behavior,” then I say give her a black robe. But we actually don’t know what Kagan’s worst sin is; and that’s kind of the real problem.