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Tony Perkins Thinks You’re a Hater, So There!

Tony Perkins, the ungrateful head of the Family Research Council who refuses to accept the honor of being branded a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, whined on television this evening.

Calling the “silence” about homosexuality the actual hateful behavior, Perkins also refused to denounce FRC senior fellow Peter Sprigg’s call to criminalize what gay people do, among the man’s other ridiculous claims. But ya know what? Let Perkins sink himself. He did a fine job of it.

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  • Brentinpdx

    Chris Matthews, does a fine job here. Tony Perkins, wipe that shitty smirk off your face.

  • Chuck

    I saw when this was on but why even watch when they allow a hate group (which Perkins himself just re-proved) is presented as if they have some legitimate point to make. What’s next klansmen to make a ‘legitimate point’ about African Americans?

  • Reggie Cameron

    I sometimes think that the only reason this guy is such an asshole is because he shares the same name as an infamously out actor famous for playing a psychopathic crossdresser in a hitchcock film. You know he’s gets teased for it endlessly.

  • Cam

    Perkins sure thinks about gay guys alot.

  • Rick Gold

    Hey Tony, your cunt is showing…


    Fuck You Perkins. You are a vile, filthy scumbag who for some reason is obsessed with all things Gay. I would bet the farm that if you followed this scumbag long enough you would find his nasty ass getting barebacked on a regular basis at the local cruise area……………

  • Dillons

    Sorry, not American but was wondering if it is at all possible that this man could be sued for slander/libel? I am always curious why a class action suit isn’t launched to finally hold these people accountable.

  • RandomGuy

    Guys, get this. okay so you have a guy. guy = homosexual and a paedophile… what the fuck do you expect him to molest, a girl? of course paedophilic homosexuals are more likely to rape boys… conversely, i ask him: what is the percentage of straight males that rape little girls? just food for thought.

    oh and as a side note: Tony Perkins ought to do the a*** s** one day… might loosen him up a bit and make him less of a cunt.

  • greenmanTN

    Anyone care to place bets on what Perkins’ gay scandal will be? That’s what I always wonder about when I see these professional homophobes.

    1. Male Prostitutes? (Meth use optional)

    2. Restroom cruising?

    3. “Ministering” to teenage boys?

    4. DUI on the way home from a gay bar?

    5. Something new and different?

    The first 4 have been popular choices so far but maybe Perkins will surprise us.

  • Mike

    The real story is here is Chris Matthews pandering comments to Perkins. After asking the SPLC rep to defend its “hate” designation, he gave Perkins two opportunities to refute the charge.

    At the end of the segment, Matthews then said “You are welcome here anytime” to Perkins.

    Seems like Matthews had an agenda disguised as an inquiry. It’s nice to know that hate groups are always welcome to spew their bigotry on Hardball. Which is one program that I’ll not be watching in the future…

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