“Too Gay” McDonald’s Employee’s Surprise Coming Out: “My Family Didn’t Know I Was Gay”

sean-baileySean Bailey, the McDonalds kiwi cutie who was told not to act “too gay” by management, didn’t just come out against discrimination, he came out of the closet.

“I was a bit nervous to talk about it at first, because my family didn’t know I was gay,” Bailey told  New Zealand’s One News. “But they’ve been really supportive.”

Sean said he’s gotten support not only from his friends and family, but also from around the globe, including the UK and the US.

“People are just congratulating me for standing up and spreading the word, because it stops them from doing it again.” Sean will join Unite Union in a protest of McDonald’s next week to continue raising awareness. But, he insists, the protest is not about “putting down” the fast food megachain as a company.

“It’s telling people, ‘I may be gay, and some people may be homophobic, but I can stand my ground and I can be strong’.”

Photo: Facebook via One News

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  • Dakotahgeo

    Sean sounds like a superific guy, especially with parents and friends who are so supportive. This guy will have no problems landing a new, better job! Kudos, Sean!

  • tookietookie

    Superific and neato skadeedo!

  • Ogre Magi

    Is he a Maori?

  • Alan down in Florida

    If he was queenie enough that his boss made those offensive remarks (and yes they were offensive and no there’s nothing wrong with being queenie) then I severely doubt that his parents didn’t know. They may have chosen not to acknowledge the fact but they know. As my mother said when I finally came out in my 30s – “I knew it when you were in high school. A mother always knows.”

  • jmmartin

    I just got my round trip airline ticket to New Zealand. Now, can anyone tell me what McDonald’s and city in N.Z.?

  • Acep

    Why should anyone come out?
    I’ve never really heard anyone I knew come out to their parents as straight.

    I think coming out only supports a hetero normatative world

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Acep: Why shouldn’t he come out?? Why should it affect “normal” straight guys?? Reminds me of when one of my friends asked me, “When did you decide to be gay?” I said , “The same day YOU decided to be straight!” Never heard another word about THAT subject again. It’s called “education.” And just as an aside, not all heterosexuals are “normative.” (Spellcheck is you friend!)

  • Derek Williams

    @Dakotahgeo: Spellcheck is “you friend”? :)

    While I do take your point, I don’t think that was what Acep is saying. Speaking for myself,I never “come out” either. I AM out. Acep is right in saying that heterosexuals don’t come out, and that is because they are comfortable being heterosexual and know they are the norm. But how do we find out they are heterosexual? When you think about it, it doesn’t usually take long in ordinary conversation for a heterosexual guy for example, to mention his girlfriend or wife, or to talk about a good looking girl. You can also watch whom their eyes follow while they’re in conversation.

    So that is exactly how people find out I am gay. I mention “partner” and enjoy the process of them assuming it’s probably a female, until I casually drop in the pronoun “he” into some follow up remark about my partner. I then carry on, sometimes even abruptly changing the subject, just like the heterosexual, as though I have said nothing out of the ordinary. Watching them process the information is truly fascinating. Sometimes they will ask outright, “do you mean partner or partner-partner?” but either way, they adjust quickly.

    Most of all, it shows them I am not fucked up about being gay, and I don’t care who knows. Just like straight people.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Derek Williams: Golly, it is REfreshing to hear another really articulate, intelligent person on this blog. I could not have said it better or even wanted to try. Thanks!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Derek Williams: LOLOL. Oh nooo! I missed that one by a mile. I was in two much of a hurry! (ROFLMBO!) My apologies!

  • jaack

    Be Strong, Be yourself. It GETS BETTER.

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