“Too Gay” McDonald’s Employee’s Surprise Coming Out: “My Family Didn’t Know I Was Gay”

sean-baileySean Bailey, the McDonalds kiwi cutie who was told not to act “too gay” by management, didn’t just come out against discrimination, he came out of the closet.

“I was a bit nervous to talk about it at first, because my family didn’t know I was gay,” Bailey told  New Zealand’s One News. “But they’ve been really supportive.”

Sean said he’s gotten support not only from his friends and family, but also from around the globe, including the UK and the US.

“People are just congratulating me for standing up and spreading the word, because it stops them from doing it again.” Sean will join Unite Union in a protest of McDonald’s next week to continue raising awareness. But, he insists, the protest is not about “putting down” the fast food megachain as a company.

“It’s telling people, ‘I may be gay, and some people may be homophobic, but I can stand my ground and I can be strong’.”

Photo: Facebook via One News