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  • Cam

    Logo is ridiculous. They are so terrified that they over-censor to the point of idiocy. I’ve tried to watch a movie there and so much was censored that you could barely understand what was being said.

  • Chip

    LOGO is great if you like to watch censored, cut-up, commercial interrupted movies and shows with bugs, promos and other scribbling on-screen during the programs. NOT ME.

  • kent

    Really? I watched the video. Its a crappy song, maybe that’s why the declined the video.

  • Spike

    Again Queerty gets it wrong, this video is on Logo because it’s too risque, it’s not on Logo because it sucks, it’s boring, it’s unoriginal, it’s embarrassing, it’s not even close to edgy, it’s repetitively mundane and worst of all, it’s ordinary.

    And please, bears . . . twinks . . . so NOT a fetish.

  • Jake

    I think it’s a great song and video. Don’t listen to the gay-ters, F. Michaels. Keep the faith and keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Henry

    The fetishes are very different from one another. Lumping them all together could cause confusion. I would separate BDSM from everything else, first of all. BDSM always involves aggressive domination and sometimes it even blurs the line of consent. It’s not safe. Fetishes that are “weird” but harmless are completely unlike BDSM. Foot fetishes, bears, olive oil, whatever. That’s weird, and maybe not always sane, but it’s perfectly safe.

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