Top 10 Makeup Products Every Drag Queen Has in Their Makeup Box

Makeup is a drag queen’s best friend, and there are a few products that almost every drag queen has in their makeup kit. Here are the top 10 makeup products that every drag queen has in their makeup box, based on a list by Misty Eyez.

This #MakeupMonday post is part of our Drag Queen Style Guide series.

1. Foundation

A thick foundation gives a drag queen a blank canvas to paint a new face on.

Krylon TV Paint Stick Drag Queen Foundation Makeup

2. Loose Setting Powder

Once the foundation has been placed, it needs to be set so it doesn’t look overly shiny. It also comes in handy, after doing a high energy number or on a hot night, to get rid of face sweat.

Coty Airspunt Loose Setting Poweder Translucent Drag Queen Makeup

3. Highlight Powder

Highlighting powder make areas of the face, such as the cheek bones, look bigger or as though they are closer to you.

Ben Nye Face Setting Powder Drag Queen Makeup

4. Contour Makeup

Contouring the face does the opposite of highlighting; it makes areas of the face look smaller or as though they are farther away from you.

Drag Queen Contouring Makeup

5. Pencil Liners

Eye liner, lip liner and eyebrow liner: a drag queens face requires a lot of different lines!

Drag Queen Pencil Liner Makeup

6. Eye Shadows

Shadows make the eyes POP and are often the most prominent feature of a drag queens face.

eyeshadow drag queen makeup

7. Liquid Liners

Liquid liners have more control than pencil liners and allow for sharper points.

liquid liner drag queen makeup

8. Mascara

You can’t put on false eyelashes without first putting mascara on your real eyelashes!

mascara drag queen makeup

9. Lashes!

Size matters when it comes to lashes: 301s do the trick every time! Feel free to layer them up for a fuller effect.

false fake eyelashes drag queen makeup

10. Lipstick

Unfortunately, ChapStick only works for Courtney Act.

lipstick drag queen makeup


11. Clown White from Ben Nye

One product, a million uses!

Ben Nye Clown White drag queen makeup

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H/t: Misty Eyez