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Meet the world-class performers who are diversifying LGBTQ representation

Actors have the ability to move us in more than one way: With their performances and by using their platforms for the good. In a time of police murders of African-Americans, pandemic, and prejudice, we are particularly grateful to them for showing the other side of humanity.

Each of the honorees in Queerty's Pride50 category "performers" has scored career milestones in the past year in representing the diversity of our community while at the same time advocating for equality offstage, helping elevate the social justice cause while doing so.

They make us happy, make us weep, and, of course, they make us proud.

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3. Indya Moore

Indya Moore appeared in the second season of Pose, as well as in the hit film Queen & Slim. Off-screen, Moore, who identifies as trans-non-binary, helped raise thousands of dollars to help trans people, communities of color, and other underprivileged groups during the COVID-19 crisis.

Moore grew up in New York City, where they suffered schoolyard bullying. They left home at 14, moving into foster care, and began modeling for brands like Gucci and Dior.

Frustrated with the body image obsession in fashion, Moore decided to try their hand at acting, landing a part in the wonderful indie musical Saturday Church in 2017 (the film saw wide release the following year). That, in turn, earned a role Pose.

2020 saw Moore taking part in the huge protests against police brutality sweeping the nation. Also this year, with the COVID-19 crisis mounting—especially in their native New York—Moore raised funds for relief from the virus.

As Moore said at the launch of the campaign:

In times of crises.. well really… in times.. all the time… Black trans women are the last of us all to receive help and resources if any at all. Its really important to me to prioritize those who will always be thought of last if thought of at all. I am looking at all requests and I am looking at all trans folks in need however I am prioritizing the needs of black trans women first, the ones who are least likely to have friends, boyfriends and families checking in or present at all. I hope you are too!

A few weeks later, Moore announced that their fundraising had exceeded expectations:

This fund started with an intention to give 50 dollars to the first 50 black trans folk who commented under my first post about Covid relief, from my own funds. However, I was inspired by how many of us are in need of assistance and knew i needed to give more, so i continued until I realized that I had to also allocate funds to take care of my family during this emergency as well. I decided that the best way to continue the fund would be to initiate a wealth redistribution system where I invite my IG community & Fan base to participate. I was completely touched by the interest of our allies (AND other fellow trans folk!) to support black trans folk to navigate the impact of the pandemic. Because of YOU We got to take care of about 400 people with 20 thousand dollars. The majority of recipients are black trans folk, particularly women. However many Covid relief recipients are Latinx, asian, indigenous, Queer, trans, disabled and differently abled folk as well. I am so incredibly touched by the outpouring response to organize relief funds for black trans lives.

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