Top To Bottom: 5 Ways Grindr Lost Its Grip On The Hookup-App Crown


When Grindr first launched in 2009, it filled a hole — many, in fact — but particularly the void we never knew we had: finding casual sex in the palm of your hand. There was, indeed, an app for that. But over the years, the market has become increasingly crowded with stiff competition from Scruff, Jack’d, Hornet, Mister and others we so lovingly refer to as hook-up apps. While still boasting more users than the competition, numerous bugs and criticisms have eroded its popularity.

Here are 5 ways Grindr proved itself versatile by moving from the bottom to the top in the hook-up app hierarchy.

1. The Captains are Jumping Ship


It’s one thing when its users leave, but both Grindr’s co-founder and head of marketing quit earlier this year — within weeks of each other.

2. “No Blacks, No Asians, No Femmes, No Decorum”


Grindr users, more than any other app of its kind, have been criticized for being openly racist and homophobic, though Grindr considers these “sexual preferences.”

3. “Grindr Eats Messages”
Users have adopted this warning in their profiles lamenting the loss of messages, since the app doesn’t believe in sending confirmation of receipt. Show us the receipts!
4. Spam-a-Lot
How often have you gotten a message from a dude 8,000 miles away? How is that even possible when you can’t send a message to a guy 8 feet away? Simple answer: spam, which the app has tried to reduce by setting up user accounts. We’re still getting offers for sexy cam shows from robots, though. Welcome to the future! Or Blade Runner.
5. Meet the New Grindr, Same As the Old Grindr
Last June, saw the announcement of a “new Grindr,” complete  with screenshots and even a press release. Over a year later, we’re still waiting. While Scruff and other apps offer regular updates and new, cooler features, Grindr has become a dinosaur: slow, not particularly smart and doomed for extinction.