Tori Spelling dragged for posting photo of daughter wearing Cheetos and calling her “McQuisha”

Tori Spelling says she’s “truly sorry” for posting a photo to her Instagram Story of her young daughter dressed in a costume and calling her “McQuisha.”

The frequent guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race shared a photo of her eight-year-old daughter Hattie in wearing a green handkerchief on her head and Cheetos for fingernails.

“Days kept inside we have to get creative,” Spelling wrote. “Hattie has become McQuisha in her Cheeto extension nails!”

Spelling’s post didn’t go over so well with, well, anyone.

Following the backlash, Spelling posted another Instagram Story apologizing for the photo and saying she got the idea from watching old episodes of Martin:

“I posted a story the other day that upset many of you. I’m truly sorry. That was NOT the intention at ALL. Hattie is 8. We watch and adore old reruns of Martin… She made up that name with “Mc” bc her last name is McDermott… She was reenacting the over the top fun and amazing character from Martin. She is innocent and I didn’t mean anything by it. I should have thought about how it could have been perceived and misconstrued before I posted. I did not. I’m truly sorry.”

She probably could’ve left that part about Martin out.

Spelling is right about one thing, though. Her eight-year-old daughter is innocent in all this, which is why we’ve chosen not to include the photo in this post. And it does sound like Spelling understands what she did was wrong. Here’s hoping she does better–much better–in the future.

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