Tori Spelling’s To Be Named “Fido”

If there’s one person gay people love more than Hilary Duff, it’s Tori Spelling. So, it only makes sense the actress should turn to HX for all her publicity needs. In case you’re not aware, Oxygen will be airing her new reality show Tori & Dean: Inn Love, which follows Tori and new hubby Dean’s attempts to run a bed and breakfast.

The show isn’t the only new project for Ms. Spelling – she’s due to give birth any day now. So, is Spelling worried about having a baby? Apparently she’s just going to treat it like a dog.

HX: Do you have a name picked out?
TS: We have two names, but we want to wait until we see him. I associate it with like a dog–you have to see your puppy before you really name them.

HX: Might your dog Mimi LaRue get jealous?
TS: I have concerns, but it’s really good we’re having a boy first so she doesn’t have to feel threatened that the baby’s going to wear her clothes. I totally would have them both in matching outfits…

Pretty close-minded for such a gay icon, don’t you think?