Toronto Man Charged With Killing Husband To Get $2 Million Life-Insurance Payout

murder victimA Toronto man has been charged with murdering his husband, but he’s still asking for proceeds from the dead man’s $2-million life-insurance policy.

Attorney Demitry Papasotiriou was arrested in November for killing ex Allan Lanteigne (right), whose bloody, beaten body was found in his home in March 2011.

Papasotiriou’s business associate Mladen Ivezic was also arrested in conjunction with the slaying.

Lanteigne and Papasotiriou were married in 2004, only months after meeting, and had been estranged for several years. Just after the slaying, Papasotiriou filed paperwork to receive his ex’s $2 million payout. (Papasotiriou is named as Lanteigne’s sole beneficiary.)

If he’s found guilty, Papasotiriou wouldn’t be able to cash in—but apparently he’d rather no one get the money than see it pass to his ex’s family.

Meanwhile, Lanteigne’s mother and sister applied to intervene in Papasotiriou’s civil suit, arguing it affects them. His mother was granted leave to intervene.

In court filings, Papasotiriou says even if he’s found guilty, Lanteigne’s family shouldn’t get the insurance money because they aren’t named in the policy.

“The proceeds would never be paid to anyone, including Allan’s estate. As a result the insurers would simply keep the money,’’ Papasotiriou’s lawyers argued late last year, according to documents filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

A civil suit it on hold until the criminal case is concluded.