Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Won’t Attend Pride, Or, “Naked Middle-Aged, Pot-Bellied Men” Fest

rob-ford-gay-prideToronto’s legendary crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford may have the moves, but he definitely won’t be getting his groove on when his city hosts World Pride this year. At a mayoral event at the Scarborough University of Toronto campus this week, Ford revealed he will not attend the LGBT event because “I can’t change who I am.”

Oh, okay.

“I’ve never been to a Pride parade,” Ford says in video of the incident. Councillor Shelley Carroll said the mayor’s position on the subject is “thinly veiled homophobia” and even compared his opposition to using tax dollars to fund Pride to Russia’s anti-gay legislation.

In another not-so-thinly-veiled homophobic statement to the press, Ford’s brother Doug Ford backed his opposition to Pride events by proclaiming he “doesn’t want to see buck naked men running down the street.”

He continued with an impromptu interview at city hall:

I spoke to some folks in the gay community and they said they weren’t going because they didn’t like the idea of men running, middle aged men with pot bellies, running down the street buck naked. Let me tell you something, I brought my kids down there, and I wouldn’t bring my kids back when there was buck naked men running down the street. I’m not dissing anyone in the gay community, there’s a lot of great people that make up this city in the gay community, which are friends of mine. But, no, do I condone men running down the middle of Yonge Street buck naked? Aboslutely not.

To provide a brief recap: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford would rather smoke crack at home with strippers than attend gay pride. Classy.