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Toronto Pride Must Now Conduct Full Body Searches On All Participants For Controversy

Toronto Pride organizers won’t have to return the $123,800 given by the City of Toronto, but next year the city will provide funds only after pride events conclude and the city can ensure no participants violated its anti-discrimination policy — like Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, which was allowed to march. But no banning hotties, okay? [image via]

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  • CHIP1218

    Canada has the same problem as their two older European siblings – Britain and France – too many Muslims as residents and they are scared to offend them. I been to Halifax, Nova Scotia numerous times over the past year and the largest minority are Arabs (not all are Muslim though). When the clubs close down at 2am, they take to the streets, turn on Arab music on high volume in their cars, and dance and scream on the streets til 4am. No police officer does a thing. However, you have a drunk white college student getting loud and all of a sudden the cops encircle him and write him a ticket.

    Also, when I first visited Halifax, I asked locals what’s the best example of local cuisine (expecting to be recommended a lobster roll, fish and chips, or something like that). I shit you not, everyone – from the hotel staff, to professors at the local universities, to regular life long citizens – told me I had to try the donner (Arab gyro)!

    Btw, those marchers, if they were to be identified, would be persona non grata in their “home” countries, if not a fatwa issued against them…

  • L.

    @CHIP1218: I take it that “1218” refers to the number of “chips” on your shoulder?

  • antiCHIPS

    Ugh, I was going to write up a big dismissal of CHIP’s post, but it’s not worth the fucking time. Fuck off you useless fuck, come back when you have a vague understanding of the world instead of just unfounded “opinions”, or whatever people without an actual analysis of the world think they’re entitled to.

  • whatever

    @CHIP1218: “I shit you not, everyone – from the hotel staff, to professors at the local universities, to regular life long citizens – told me I had to try the donner (Arab gyro)!”

    OMGWTFBBQ!!! The horror!

  • whatever

    Btw, I wouldn’t mind if that big bear in the picture with that thing on his head occupied my hole-y land. ;)

  • ron

    @whatever: That’s funny!
    I agree about the big one in the photo.

  • SamIAm

    @CHIP1218: It’s called a donair, you moron, and if you’d tried one you’d know they are delicious.

  • Joseph

    @CHIP1218: The Donair was actually invented in Halifax. And if you knew a little bit more about Canada you would know we are a country of immigrants except for the Native Peoples who’s land us immigrants stole. We embrace everyone. Over 100 Languages are spoken in Toronto alone and Toronto is considered one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Get your facts straight. It’s nothing like Britain or France.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Muslims number over ONE BILLION. Their goal is to outnumber us, and eventually dominate the world. Between the Chinese, and the Muslims, we’re fucked.

  • Suzygoo

    @Chip 1218-You have to go to Tony’s on the corner of Robie and Cunard in Halifax. The Donair’s are sweet fagalicious and one of the cooks is the hottest hottie ever. He may be Arab but he kinda look Jewish yet he could be white with a tan. Does not matter, smoking eyes, hint of chest hair and tight buns. Best place to go after the Palace closes and you are going home with one of the so-called straight sailor boys. Uncut or cut, I say “boink them all”

  • Jadis

    @Suzygoo: Bash Toulany’s donairs are awesome, though that much meat at once is hard for me to take. Have to prepare beforehand by starving myself.

    To douchebag racist poster #1: Halifax has a Lebanese community that’s been there since before I was born. They’re outstanding citizens and are part of the cultural fabric of Halifax. Keep your Crescent Menace fearmongering out of my hometown, and don’t come back.

    People partying at 2am in Halifax? OMG, say it isn’t so! It must be those hard-drinking Muslim fundamentalist university students. They’re so naughty.

  • ron

    It’s deeply disturbing how many fags seek approval from and offer unlimited support to muslims. All true muslims support killing gays..all of them. Some sort of Stockholm Syndrome for queers…

  • kyals

    @ron: I love how you had to state ‘true’ cause you must be clearly aware there are like.. you know.. *tons* of Muslims who wouldn’t “kill gays” such as my good friend at my last college who I spent 3 years in school with. All this blind racist against Muslims I see more and more really bothers me >.>

    @CHIP1218: I… think everyone covered responding to everything you said. Canada is multicultural and is awesome for it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Going back to the article topic: I am glad pride didn’t silence the group. While there are differing opinions all over about the message on the signs, pride is strongest with free speech. If they started blocking groups that only leads to a slippery slope. Who is the judge of what is ok to say? This is a free country. Besides, it was *signs* woooo~… people have a *freedom* to protest whatever cause they want to peacefully and do quite regularly in Toronto.

    This year also had ‘take back the dyke’, an alternative dyke march in protest of how commercialized & controlling the dyke march has become.. and it was quite successful. If that has shown anything it’s that quite easily an alternative pride parade would happen in protest if they give in next year.

  • Jeffree

    @Jadis : Where have you been? I miss chatting with you here. I didn’t know you were Canadian — you just got bonus points for that. I may be Canadian too, no one’s sure. *sigh*

    I may be doing a little stand-up comedy in Toronto in September. If you’re in the area, I’ll get you & yr date in for free .-) The Toronto audiences are always fun, and the comics are among the best out there. I won’t however comment on Vancouver comedians in a public forum !

    Be well.

  • Jadis

    @Jeffree: Cool! Sure, I’d love to go. Just give me a shout. I live near Toronto, it would be nice to make the trip.

    In west-end Halifax born and raised,
    In the woods is how I spent most of my days
    Chillin out maxin relaxin all cool
    Lookin for blueberries out behind the school


  • whatever

    The bedwetting over the Muslim Menace (TM) by some gays is a bit over-the-top. Yes, fundamentalists of all religions are big assholes, but just stop drinking the neo-con koolaid and think rationally for a minute.

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