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Toronto’s (Possibly) Next Mayor George Smitherman Is Gay. And, Soon, An Adoptive Dad

While we square away whether Toronto’s (now former) mayoral hopeful Adam Giambrone is straight, gay or bi, his firmly homosexual competitor is making news of his own: Leading candidate George Smitherman and husband Christopher Peloso are adopting. After a two year, paperwork-heavy process, the men will receive their new baby boy at the end of the month.

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  • Mike L.

    I’m happy for them :)

    And no offense Mr. Smitherman looks like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers films in that picture especially with the cat in his arms.

  • rrr

    Canadians aren’t like Americans about expecting to know all about our celebrities’ and politicians’ personal lives so we can pass judgment. American tabloid culture is exported to us but we don’t have a tabloid culture of our own.

    Unless a Canadian public figure strikes it big in the US and thus attracts American media attention, it isn’t normal for us to know or care what the hell they are doing in their spare time except if they get arrested for it.

    I doubt it would be a big deal for a lot of people in Toronto if their mayoral candidate is a gay man forming a family, but most of them aren’t liable to know or care about any of the candidates’ families except if Americans investigate it and tell them.

  • holla

    @rrr: Since the article comes from a Canadian paper, I would say you are on a bit of a high horse. Smitherman’s sexuality is regularly discussed in Canadian media (I live here too). You’re right, it’s not a “big deal”, but it is something that is a part of his public persona. Even though I likely won’t vote for him, I think that having public images of happy queers, and queers adopting kids is good for us as a community, and for young queers still trying to make sense of themselves.

    And as evidenced by the rash of gay-bashings in Ontario in the last year, we can hardly say that noone cares if you’re gay in Canada. Stop trying to paint a picture of Canada that tries to make us so much better (someone posted something similar earlier this week).

  • rrr

    @holla: I don’t live in Ontario. I didn’t say no one cares if you are gay, I said there isn’t all the attention on the personal lives of Canadian public figures that there is on American ones. If they are arrested or actively pursue attention for their personal lives (which a number of our gay public figures have done to their credit) that is a different thing (although even then they don’t end up getting the kind of attention they would in America).

    Canadians just don’t have the same sort of home grown tabloid culture. There aren’t all the breathless news items on the prime minister’s partner’s fashion statements or his pets or who the members of parliament or Canadian stars may be dating.

  • jonny

    I will be voting for Mr Smitherman this fall. Definitly not because of what he does with his genitals or with who but because of his policies and because the politicians in this city need a firm kick in the ass and George is the one to do it.

  • gvill63

    One BILLION dollars of taxpayer money has been wasted on the eHEALTH scandal. Numerous firings and resignations have resulted. Our former Deputy Premier George Smitherman also resigned in a timely fashion and now has the nerve to run for in Toronto’s mayoral election, thinking he can better handle Toronto’s socioeconomic future. The auditor-general’s report hints at criminal behaviour. Not only should McGuinty, Smitherman and company resign from public service, they should be investigated, incriminated and if found guilty, they should be stripped of any entitlements and pension eligibility.

    Pass this to all your friends and family folks and be sure to contact your local MPP. Ask them about why they are not renewing the appointment of André Marin, a very active Ombudsman (Ontario’s Watchdog) who has been doing a wonderful job at uncovering scandalous and potentially criminal activity within the provincial government such as eHEALTH, Ontario Lottery, MPAC and other spending scandals. Ask them why Mr. McGuinty has refused a public inquiry on eHealth and why he should even have the option of turning it down!!! You might want to ask former Deputy Premier George Smitherman who now wants to bring his “well-honed” provincial political skills to our vulnerable city. Oh yes, he is very qualified indeed!

    By the way, I think we live in a democracy. Why should MY tax dollars go towards supporting a sex parade every year in Toronto? I don’t subscribe to the perversion on display on our public streets. If heterosexuals paraded around with their genitals hanging out they would be arrested for public indecency.

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