Total Top Andy Cohen Plays Ball, Russell Tovey Goes Pantless & Madonna Flies Commercial This Week On Instagram

No surprise here! Turns out the week that brought you the shirtless Castro cop, naked men in the streets of LA, one giant World Cup boner and Ryan Gosling’s white dick also flooded Instagram with shirtless selfies:

British pop rock star Andy Brown stretches out on the beach to tan his happy trail.

These photos of total top masc daddy Andy Cohen playing baseball will tighten your shorts, bro.

Diving brofriends Jack Laugher and Chris Mears are together, in the rain, in Shanghai.

Robbie Rogers and boyfriend Greg Berlanti do some yacht yoga with pals. Don’t worry, he’s not on vacation with Michelle Rodriguez.

The end is near!! Madonna flew commercial from New York to London this week!

Face down, ass up, that’s the way Brad Goreski likes to read.

Celebrated straight man and former Marine Alex Minsky serves beach bulge in his new Charlie swimwear

…three days after Simon Sherry Wood did the same for Aronik swimwear.

Disgusting! Look at this woman shoving this kiss in our faces! I can’t believe we were forced to see this moment; what a way to ruin Michael Sam‘s moving acceptance speech at the ESPYs.

Retired porn star Harry Louis learned how to use a mirror.

Dan Savage and his husband, Terry Miller, share a snapshot from their European vacation. So this is what they do with the money from Dan’s $24,000 fisting lectures..

Neil Patrick Harris showed off his Hedwig battle scars.

Russell Tovey shares candid photos from his performance in “Eddie Peake: Möbius Strip Shaped Triangle“.

Justin Bieber comes dangerously close to a nip slip.

British footballer Jack Wilshere didn’t win the World Cup this year, but he’s definitely won our hearts with this dad-of-the-year shirtless selfie.

Femme fatale Zac Efron blows a kiss for #tbt.

Lean in closer, Nick Jonas. Hold us in your arms.

Nudist Jason Biggs and Laverne Cox endure the stress of a press junket free vacation in Mexico City.