Totally Frightful Statistic: Gonorrhea

STDs are scary. They’re especially scary when we they’re anti-bacterial resistant. (Or, of course, AIDS.) This report definitely falls into the category of frightening. According to aidsmap, Britain’s Health Protection Agency has just released a report saying:

Gay men fuelled a major rise in the prevalence of ciprofloxacin-resistant gonorrhoea (pictured, looking gross) in the United Kingdom last year…The HPA report also reveals that one third of all gonorrhoea diagnosed in gay men in 2005 was seen in men who were already or newly diagnosed with HIV infection.”

Yikes. That’s enough to make us piss ourselves. If you think that’s bad, read on. (Warning: Not recommended for those with weak hearts.)

…2005 saw an increase in the proportion of gay men diagnosed with gonorrhoea, rising to 33% from 30.7% in 2004. In addition, gonorrhea predominantly affected gay men aged between 25-34 (42% of all gay men diagnosed with gonorrhoea)

It’s official: we’re never having sex again. At least, not with any Brits between the ages of 25-34. And don’t try lying about your age, buster. We’re smarter than we look/act.

(PS: We know that the disease is spelled gonorrhea here in The States, but we kept the British spelling intact. Top notch journalism, huh?)