Totally Gay Fan-Made “Thor 2” Poster Accidentally Used In Shanghai Cinema


Paging Natalie Portman! Some moviegoers in China got a bromantic surpriselast weekend when Thor 2: The Dark World opened in one Shanghai cinema.

Through some gloriously gay twist of fate, a very gay fan made poster featuring lead characters Thor and Loki in a romantic embrace was blown up and placed in the center of the theater along with posters for other studio films.

The photo then went viral on China’s social media behemoth Weibo, where user bbqfish2012, who created the photo, shared her frustration/excitement with her piece of fan art hitting the big time: “‘Damn it! If I were paid 1 yuan each time the photo is retweeted, I would be rich!”

Apparently Thor/Loki “shipping” (in which fanboys and girls create extensive romantic stories involving two popular comic book characters) is a big thing in gay geek fandom.

If so, we’re pretty sure that there will be geekgasms all over the internet when they cop a gander of this one.


H/t: Atlantic Wire