Totally-Not-Gay Marcus Bachmann’s Latest AM Radio Interview Is A Treasure Trove Of Crazy


Thought you’d seen and heard the last of Marcus Bachmann? Well, think again!

Mr. Michele Bachmann gave an interview with his local AM radio station this week where he talked about everything from his wife’s political career to gay adult films to rainbow flags.

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Marcus kicked off the 25 minute interview by praising his Michele’s remarkable “presidential career,” which most would agree was less a “career” and more a failed attempt at clinching her party’s nomination for president four years ago. If an unsuccessful primary campaign is the same thing as a “presidential career” then there are a lot of karaoke singers out there with “singing careers.” But we digress.

He then dug into some of the topics nearest and dearest to his heart. Let’s have a looksy and what he had to say, shall we?

Marcus talked about “droves” of dishonest LGBTQ activists who weaseled their way inside his conversion therapy clinic, er, “Christian counseling agency” to cause trouble and try to “embarrass” him:

They came in droves! They came several times! They also came with video recorders! They came with people who lied and said they were a believer and had same-sex attraction and needed help and wanted to catch us on video tape doing or saying something unethical.

Then, to add insult to injury, Bachmann said, “they never paid their bills!”

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He also talked about how recent advancements of LGBTQ rights are discriminatory against Christians:

There is this change that’s happening that there isn’t so much of a sense of–well–wait now!–in some ways they’ve won their side of the battle. By having same-sex marriage and many of their others rights and you know Target opening up and so forth. Really, when you think of it, really, now we are being discriminated!

Oh, and he offered up his opinions on what turns a person gay:

You know, I don’t believe in the genetic belief that there is a different brain or there’s a different, you know, chemistry. I don’t believe that’s true at all. … There’s been some studies that have kind of leaned toward that but nothing has been proven, but I think the truth of the matter is our sense of identity, our whole sense of who we are and a sense of identity comes from as we form our younger years, who the role model is. Who our father is. Who the strength of our parents are. Trauma! A person involved in a young sexual experience. Let’s face it: children should never be exposed to a sexual experience.

He then dug deeper into the whole children-being-exposed-to-sexual-experiences thing:

I was on a trip with Josh McDonald in the last month. Josh McDowell is known for his studies on pornography and his work on that. And it is frightening if you look at the statistics at what is happening at a younger and younger age. And the trauma that can be involved in children and how that affects them in later life. … Just from a psychological point of view, from a sense of identity, of saying this is who I am–well–wait a minute!–if I’m introduced, if I’m experiencing something that I should never as an innocent child–a young boy or girl experience–what will that do to my belief system, to my understanding of what I would be attracted to later on?

Lastly, he talked about the rainbow flag and why he doesn’t like it:

The rainbow flag is very disturbing within the Christian community. It has nothing to do with having us accept and love people who are battling with [same-sex attraction]!

Listen to the full interview here. Or don’t.

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