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Totally Straight Madonna Impersonator Wants to Sue Britain’s Got Talent For Making Him Look Gay

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While American Idol fends off a $300 million lawsuit from Ian Benardo, who says the show made him play up his gayness, Britain’s Got Talent — also a FremantleMedia production — is facing charges from 56-year-old Philip Grimmer, who says his audition as a Madonna impersonator had Simon Cowell, and co-hosts Ant and Dec, making fun of him. Uh, yeah.

Grimmer says he’s “not gay or a transvestite. Even one of the producers said, ‘Are you gay? You must be.’ My relatives think I’m a cross-dresser now, some sort of tranny. I’ve been married since 1977 and I have a daughter. I’m as straight as you can get.” Grimmer is looking to sue the show for defamation, because it’s somehow portraying him as something he’s not.

For the record, Grimmer also performed in drag as Kylie Minogue. It also didn’t go well.