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Totally Straight Madonna Impersonator Wants to Sue Britain’s Got Talent For Making Him Look Gay

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While American Idol fends off a $300 million lawsuit from Ian Benardo, who says the show made him play up his gayness, Britain’s Got Talent — also a FremantleMedia production — is facing charges from 56-year-old Philip Grimmer, who says his audition as a Madonna impersonator had Simon Cowell, and co-hosts Ant and Dec, making fun of him. Uh, yeah.

Grimmer says he’s “not gay or a transvestite. Even one of the producers said, ‘Are you gay? You must be.’ My relatives think I’m a cross-dresser now, some sort of tranny. I’ve been married since 1977 and I have a daughter. I’m as straight as you can get.” Grimmer is looking to sue the show for defamation, because it’s somehow portraying him as something he’s not.

For the record, Grimmer also performed in drag as Kylie Minogue. It also didn’t go well.

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  • Tallskin

    God’s teeth, that was worse than embarrassing.



    The one really suffering here is his daughter…….. :-p

  • IAmAGeniusYoureAllMorons

    More Ian Bernardo please!

  • Bill

    Artists are SOOOOOOOOOOO sensitive!

  • Kev C

    Gah .. denial.

  • DR

    so he auditions prior, gets knocked off the show, comes back again with the same schtick, performs badly and is outdone by the backup dancers, and he wants to sue because he made an ass of himself on tv?

    Wow. Talk about entitlement.

  • ewe

    it is not slander or libel to be portrayed, perceived or called “gay” anymore than it is to be portrayed, perceived or called “straight”. As well it should be. At least in the U.S.

  • Ron

    It’s reassuring to see that, according to the article in The Sun, he hasn’t found a lawyer willing to take his case yet.

  • desdemona

    that was just awful in every way imaginable.

  • nikko

    awful indeed. Of course he’s straight. What a stiff performance!

  • L.

    OK so I’m no Kinsey expert, but surely, all other things being equal, “impersonating” Madge *and* Kylie can’t really be “as straight as you can get.”

  • Lanjier

    These closet cases are nuts. They should be thrown in jail for filing these frivolous lawsuits. You wanted to seem straight dressed as Madonna under disco balls with twinks dancing around you? Suck my dick, asshole.

  • L.

    @Bill: This has to be the loosest sense of the word “artist” *ever*.

    (Made me laugh.)

  • Pip

    I don’t know why they couldn’t hire a Madonna drag queen who could actually sing.

  • Shofixti

    If only we were rating the back-up dancers!

  • shanelle

    This isn’t a question of “orientation” —it’s about talent.
    Which he sorely lacks.
    Case solved!

    Detective Shanelle here, over & out.
    On to my next chapter……….

  • Chris

    My cats dance better when they’re having nightmares. He needs to get over himself.

  • Snickers

    Gosh I don’t know. I once (or more) heard if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck—-then it’s probably a duck!!! If this moron didn’t want to be thought to be gay then he shouldn’t have appeared on national TV looking, acting, singing like a flaming fruit!!! NO one but he himself MADE himself appear gay. He is probably only peeved that he fell flat on his face. Sheesh, if everyone who appeared on one of the “Got Talent” tried to sue because they made asses of themselves the sleazy lawyers & irritated judges wouldn’t get a moment to sleep.

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