Tough CT Football Players Can’t Handle One Small Gay Onstage Kiss

Zanna Don’t! is a play where nerds sit at the top of the high school popularity pyramid while football players sit at the bottom and heterosexuals avoid bullying by hiding their sexual orientation. So when a bunch of Hartford Public High School football players walked out of their school’s production of the play at the point where two male characters kiss, they inadvertently ended up illustrating the play’s point. How’s life at the bottom, tight ends?

The play—put on by Quest, a local Leadership organization, and True Colors, a sexual minority youth and family services group—still has two more showings with talk back sessions after every one.

To his credit, when one of the teachers organizing the play asked the dean of students if he wanted them to pull the same-sex kiss, he replied, “Absolutely not.”

There’s something kinda wonderful when football players who have no problem pummeling each other to get a touchdown can’t handle a tiny gay onstage kiss. Relax guys, just like the murders in Hamletit’s only pretend.