Toyko Gets Not One Gay Pride Parade, But Two Magical Affairs

This year, the Japanese metropolis of Tokyo gets not one gay pride parade, but two!

Toby Siguenza of the Japan Times wrotes:

This year [Tokyo] will be hosting two pride events: Tokyo Rainbow Pride (TRP) on April 29 and Tokyo Pride on August 11.

Understandably, the presence of two gay prides this year has caused some confusion among supporters of LGBT activities, begging a host of questions. Among them: What are the differences between Tokyo Pride and Tokyo Rainbow Pride? How did there come to be two parades scheduled this year? And, the big question on the lips of many LGBT people: Does Tokyo really need another pride march?

The Japan Times article says that the Rainbow Pride organizers decided to give the Pride organizers a healthy does of competition.

“We thought we needed another parade to create dynamism,” Inui, the director of TRP’s marketing, explains. “If you only have one parade, the organizers don’t feel the necessity of creating a better pride (march) each year. Healthy competition is important.”

Capitalism at work in the LGBT Pride Parade sphere? Hm.

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