Toyotas: Unsafe for Drivers, Unsafe For Lesbian Pedestrians

Dateline: Nassau, Bahamas. “A woman was struck by a car and killed, and another was stabbed, after a massive fight broke out at a gay club. Female patrons at the Garage nightclub on Gladstone Road began fighting inside the establishment during the early hours of yesterday morning. According to police reports, the battle then spilled out into the parking lot at about 4am with a group of enraged women throwing bottles and rocks and pummeling each other with their fists. Soon after, a woman got into a 2008 Toyota Corolla and struck another female, knocking her down in the road approximately 100ft from the entrance to the club. Witnesses claim the Corolla then sped off down Gladstone Road and was pursued by another vehicle carrying a group of women. It is said the Corolla was chased across the island and eventually cornered on Joe Farrington Road where the driver was stabbed by a person from the pursuing car. The Corolla remained on Joe Farrington Road while the other car sped off. It was finally stopped by police on Yamacraw Road, and the occupants arrested.”

The Bahamas Press described the incident as “a sissy women brawl.”


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