TR Knight Mourns Prop 8 Passage

Gay Grey’s Anatomy actor TR Knight threw his heart and soul into this year’s election, so you can be sure he’s feeling pretty blue about all the anti-gay electoral action, like the fact that Proposition 8 passed:

As I write this, I just read the concession from No on Prop. 8. I find it difficult to put the sadness I feel into words.

I know that gay people will one day gain all the rights due us as American citizens. I know that the people who stand in our way today will be the people the majority will later mock as foolish and bigoted. I was speaking to an African-American friend tonight. She told me, “It takes so long. But people will come around. You have to continue to fight. It just takes a very long time.”

I hope I can muster the patience and keep my anger focused so I can continue to fight. Fight clean. Fight with just the truth. And never let myself spew the kind of hate I encountered on that Tuesday in November as we peacefully fought for our civil rights.

George Takei, who played Sulu on Star Trek, also vowed to keep on fighting: “There are going to be heartbreaks, setbacks and sacrifices to be made. But we will soldier on.” Indeed we will. And what a fabulous army we make!