TR Knight To Straight Men: “Gay Crushes Won’t Hurt You.”

TR Knight last night spoke with students at Miguel Contreras Learning Complex’s School of Social Justice about the Day of Silence.

The Grey’s Anatomy actor opened by offering some regrets about having to even address the a subject, particularly with regard to Lawrence King, before launching into some personal reflection about feeling “wrong” as a child and discussing Simmie Williams, Jr, another, underpublicized queer teen who died this year. Williams was shot for wearing a dress, while King lost his life for having a crush on the wrong guy, his killer.

Knight uses this point to point a finger at intimidated straight men, saying “straight guys feel so threatened by us – look at me, I’m not going to hurt you!” Crushes, he concludes, are completely natural and while they may be a nuisance, they are certainly not a license to kill. Or even maim.

He also points out “If a guy wants to wear a dress, so what? It’s not a big deal. Let him wear a damn dress!” But only if the heels match, natch!