TR Knight v. Whatever His Name Is…

Now for some frivolous gossip. Page Six reports that some members of the Grey’s Anatomy cast, including admitted homosexual TR Knight had a bit of a run-in with Puff Daddy (we refuse to call him P. Diddy, thank you) and his security detail. It seems Knight, Kate Walsh and Sara Ramirez had settled in to the Rolling Stone and Justin Timberlake pre-Grammy party when Daddy’s security team told them to move. Apparently it didn’t go well:

A spy said, “Puffy was supposed to sit in the same VIP area that had four tables – two were for him and two were for the Grey’s Anatomy cast. But he was very, very late, and there are a lot of ‘Grey’s’ castmembers, so T.R., Kate and Sara were at a table set up for Puffy.”

Combs’ bodyguard was a little heavy-handed.

“This guy goes up to T.R., Kate and Sara and started demanding – ‘Get out! Get out now! Move it!’ – T.R. was furious,” our spy who was in the same VIP section said.

The spy added that Combs and Knight exchanged words before the Grey’s cast were led away to another table.

Aw, poor Knight. If only he and P.D. could have a little sit down and work things out. Too bad Daddy ain’t sharing the table Maybe if he ever has the courage to come out they can be friends. Until then, it doesn’t seem likely…

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