EVIL or Bad Satire?

Tracy Morgan Apparently Would Stab His Son If He “Whined” About Being Bullied

We can take a joke. No really. Look, here’s a funny joke from Sarah Silverman:

“When God gives you AIDS… and yes, God does give you AIDS… then I say, make LemonAIDS.”

Come on. It’s totally funny.

But you know what isn’t funny? Tracy Morgan going on a homophobic tirade about how being gay is a choice, how he’d stab his son if he whined about being bullied, how lesbians are only pretending because they really hate men, and how Obama should “man up” and stop standing up for gay kids. Sorry, where was the punch line?

Apparently, it has been reported, on June 3rd at the Rhyman Auditorium, Kevin Rogers went to see the comedian and was astounded by the anti-gay hate speech. This apparently isn’t the first time, either. Instinct Magazine reports about Morgan’s performance at Carnegie Hall in 2009 where he, again, called homosexuality a choice.

And yea, we called them:

The Rhyman Auditorium in Nashville, TN dodged any association, of course, and said:

The Ryman Auditorium regrets that people were offended by statements made by Tracy Morgan during his June 3 appearance.  The Ryman does not control the content presented by people appearing on its stage, nor does it endorse any of the views of, or statements made by, such persons.” – Ryman Auditorium

Morgan’s Publicist said “no comment.”

If anyone has more information about this alleged hate speech, please post it in the comments below. If he’s really as confused about our community as it seems he is, we should shed some light on it, n’est-ce pas?

As the list for allied and LGBT celebrities grows, it’s also good to know who our enemies are. We’ll report back with more findings – and hopefully some ways to get involved.

We’ve got our eye on you, Tracy.

Photo credit via The Celebrity Blog

June 10, Update: Tracy Morgan sent this apology via his publicist:

“I want to apologize to my fans and the gay & lesbian community for my choice of words at my recent stand-up act in Nashville. I’m not a hateful person and don’t condone any kind of violence against others. While I am an equal opportunity jokester, and my friends know what is in my heart, even in a comedy club this clearly went too far and was not funny in any context.”

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  • James in Hollywood

    Hey Tracy, why so weird and nasty?

    I jJust emailed his publicist Nicole Chabot ([email protected]) and asked why the no comment. I mentioned that I didn’t get the point of his mean, stupid, unfunny rant. I also let her know that I shall avoid his presence on TV and elsewhere from now on, as I don’t have time for his brand of ugly ignorance. It’s a big world full of respectful and funny entertainers. Morgan does not seem to be one of them.

  • Ella

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: That career is about to make an abrupt turn into “right” field, where it will end up in the deepest hole he ever found himself in. Never liked this guy and this makes me dislike him even more.

  • ChrisC

    Wow! If this is true, it’s totally disgusting. Also, if it is true, I only wish this had happend while he was on SNL so he could suffer more.

  • Posh

    He’s a jerk. We shouldn’t even pay attention to him.

  • San

    This man could have a new career as a politician by running on the Republican ticket. Such ignorance is astounding.

  • Kevin Farrell

    Tracy Morgan’s publicist, Nicole Chabot responded to Unicorn Booty’s request for a comment with, well, a “no comment.”

    Ms. Chabot,

    I’m writing in regards to Mr. Morgan’s reported homophobic meltdown while on stage in Nashville. While Mr. Morgan reportedly said a vast number of hateful anti-gay things, I’m by far the most troubled about his threat to stab his own son to death.

    I know you commented earlier that there would be no comment on this subject, but you must understand by now that this situation isn’t going to swept under the rug. I represent Unicorn Booty, the most-followed gay news blog in the world, and would appreciate it greatly if you would elaborate further beyond your initial “no comment.”

    Thank you for your time.

    Kevin Farrell
    Co-Founder, Unicorn Booty

    To which she responded:

    “There is no comment, thank you for your inquiry.”

  • scott ny'er

    rarely did I find him funny and this is proof of my instincts about him.

  • mikenola

    well I am of the opinion since she won’t answer maybe her bosses or their clients will!

    The firm her email address if from is bncpr which is a merger between PMK and BNC.

    They have two active domains that I know of bncpr.com and pmkbnc.com
    The data on the sites looks to be identical.

    Frankly, I just sent them all an email asking why their employee, nchabot isn’t in the employee listing, and why all she can say is “no comment” when one of her clients makes a major gaffe. I also asked if that was their idea of Public Relations? I thought they should know that the gay community is not likely to just go away on this issue, and if need be we can locate the contact for their clients and the brands they have done work for and find out if ‘no comment’ is the kind of PR they are paying them the big bucks for.
    I looked at some of the ‘talent’ and the brands they list, and there are some heavy pro-gay folks on that list. I really doubt they want to be dragged into a public relations war of the Santorum type.

    Below are the employee contact emails from the pmkbnc.com site. If some intrepid PHP type with a send mail server wants to pop up an action form, I am sure we can give them a little email grief in no time flat.

    Michael Nyman, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO
    [email protected]

    Cindi Berger, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO
    [email protected]

    Chris Robichaud, Co-CEO
    [email protected]

    Brad Cafarelli
    [email protected]

    John Lundy
    [email protected]

    Monica Chun
    [email protected]

    Scott Floyd
    [email protected]

    Lewis Kay
    [email protected]

    Eric Pallotta
    [email protected]

    Jill Fritzo
    [email protected]

    Brit Reece
    [email protected]

    Emily Yomtobian
    [email protected]

    Meghan Prophet
    [email protected]

    Tanya Elm
    [email protected]

    Chris DiIorio
    [email protected]

    Lacy Pica
    [email protected]

    Katherine Morin
    [email protected]

    Angie Babooian
    [email protected]

    Christina Stejskal
    [email protected]

    Maggie Kaatz
    [email protected]

    Kate Mann
    [email protected]

    Sarah Knutson
    [email protected]

    Joanna Cichocki
    [email protected]

    Alicia Mohr
    [email protected]

    Carly Schencker
    [email protected]

    Catherine Olim
    [email protected]

    Meryl VanMeter
    [email protected]

    Sharna Ettenberg
    [email protected]

    Jennifer Green
    [email protected]

    Erica Gerard
    [email protected]

    Lauren McGee
    [email protected]

    Adam Feigen
    [email protected]

    Ross Johnson
    [email protected]

    Greg Maliczyszyn
    [email protected]

    Ashley Chapman
    [email protected]

    Kristen Foster
    [email protected]

    Randi Friedman
    [email protected]

    Angie Kzirian
    [email protected]

    Jennifer Abel
    [email protected]

  • Scott Rose

    [email protected]
    Ms. Chabot:

    Reference is to numerous credible reports that your client the comedian Tracy Morgan has been inflaming irrational anti-gay hatred among his followers during various of his recent live performances.

    Several concerned persons have now reported that when asked about your client’s gay-bashing, you have said “No comment.”

    Please understand that the LGBT community across America is powerfully united in refusing to allow your client with impunity to defame it and to urge violence against it.

    Credible reports from eye-witnesses to your client’s gay-bashing state that your client said if he had a gay son, and the son did not conform to your client’s expectations for conventional gender conformity, your client would take out a knife and then stab his gay son to death until he was dead.

    Precisely that scenario does sometimes occur in households with anti-gay parents with gay children. Therefore, it is completely intolerable that your client would ever again repeat these shocking utterances.

    Please advise us of whether your client Tracy Morgan is committing to never again bashing gays in public, so that we will know whether we must begin organizing boycotts of him, those who employ him and those who advertise with venues that show his programing and/or movies.

    Scott Rose

  • valentine ghost

    I saw a standup taping of his on HBO a few months ago and was kinda taken aback by how remarkably unfunny he was. There was a little section of gay jokes, but it came and went, presumably through a bit of editing. I guess he’s only really worth half a damn when he’s Tina Fey’s puppet.

  • Ogre Magi

    I think Tracy Morgan may be a bit mentally unbalanced

  • Atlas

    Ugh jackass, he’s messing with my love of 30 Rock now. I wish they’re just fire him. He hasn’t been funny on that show in a long time. They wouldn’t be missing much without him.

  • charlton

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    you knew this was going to be a shitty article when it started with a sarah silverman joke

  • ThirdBobontheLeft

    Ahem… It’s Ryman, not Rhyman. The way you spelled that was totally gay. Oh? Too soon?

  • Jeffree

    @Kevin Farrell:; @Scott Rose: Nice work on the letters. If no apology or “retraction” (lol) is made, I hope our community/ies can help make a difference in getting that piece of crud out of work. Please keep us posted.

    Many str8 comics are LGBT friendly and I think he’s going to get slapped hard by his peers, translation: some people won’t share a stage with him. Whether that’s enough pressure, hard to tell so far.

  • manfred

    I’m surprised they didn’t take the inquiry seriously, coming from something called “Unicorn Booty”.

  • VinciSmetana

    3rdBOBontheLeft >> LOL!!! Thank you. Some levity was needed.

    Mr. Enemabag Jones >> Michael Richard’s racial tirade was recorded on a camera phone. Kevin Rogers wrote a short essay on his Facebook. And you wonder why Morgen “goes right on rolling.” Hmmn … it’s been six days now … Facebook essay about an event vs. video footage of an event … which one do you think is going to travel faster and stir up flares?

    Queerty >> FYI: “who OUR enemies are”

  • tapette

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:
    If it’s okay to make comments about lynching ‘annoying black audience members’, does that mean it’s also okay to yell epithets at an ‘annoying gay audience member’?

  • tapette

    How is it at all acceptable to respond this way to a homophobic person who happens to be black? Would you make a holocaust joke about a homophobic Jewish person? (oh wait, maybe you would…) There are plenty of racist white gays out there, and straight people of color have every right to take issue with their racism, they don’t have the right to use homophobic slurs out of anger. We don’t have that right either when the situation is reversed; using racial slurs for revenge does nothing but alienate gay people of color and confirm that racism is a huge problem with white queers.

  • Freadum Ovspeach

    Who cares if he said being gay is a choice? It’s his opinion, and regardless of whether or not it’s correct, it’s still very much up for debate.

    Stop being a bunch of sissy boys. He’s a comedian plain and simple. If you Marys heard Kathy Griffin say the exact same thing you’d be there cracking up laughing giving each other high 5’s.

    Tell me I’m wrong!

  • redball

    @tapette: Preach! Fitz, you’re an animal.

    @Freadum Ovspeach: “Up for debate”? According to whom? The folks who say evolution is also “up for debate”? GTFO!

  • redball

    @Freadum Ovspeach: And the Kathy Griffin example is relevant how? She’s firmly established herself as a friend of the gays, or better yet, a gay icon.


  • TheRealAdam

    @tapette: Most of the racism here and elsewhere comes from black queens toward white gays, but nobody calls them on it. Fitz’s comments were out of line, but they are mild compared to what a lot of black gays say.

  • OrchidIslander


    Quote: “I’m surprised they didn’t take the inquiry seriously, coming from something called “Unicorn Booty”.”


  • OrchidIslander


    If you think Fritz’s comments are mild, then there is no reason on earth to realistically consider anything you have to say.

    Anything at all.


  • redball

    @OrchidIslander: Thank you. TheRealAdam…do you KNOW the story of James Byrd, Jr., of Jasper, TX?

  • TheRealAdam

    @OrchidIslander: And if you aren’t willing to call out the racism of gay people of color toward gay whites, which is thrown around daily on this site, then “there is no reason on earth to realistically consider anything you have to say.”

    If you’ll notice, I said “mild compared to…” Got it? Good.

    @redball: Yes. And I don’t see what that has to do with my comment.

  • Kev C

    Being the token black guy on SNL must be stressful. I hope he dies a tragi-comic death like other SNL stars.

  • redball

    I suggest you bone up on your American Racism 101, then. There is nothing mild about chaining a human being to a truck and dragging him to death.

  • rory

    @Freadum Ovspeach: Bitch please. There is a line and he very quickly overstepped it.

  • Paul Mc


    Fitz, no matter what Tracy Morgan said, what you said was worse. Disgusting.

  • SteveC

    Is Tracy Morgan still on 30 Rock.

    How do we get him fired from that gig?

  • Sebastian

    it’s n’est-ce pas? and not n’est pas? Just to throw that in there… Maybe his next show will be packed with GLBT people and we can all walk out together!

  • Sebastian

    To the one who left comment # 19 and # 20. I am not commenting on your comments, I am commenting on the name you have chosen for yourself. The F word that we as GLBT people are working so hard to remove from the english language is translated in french to the name you have chosen. The french GLBT community is trying very hard to rid this homophobic word from everyday life and let me tell you it is heard often in every environement! Educating our youth will strengthen our futur!

  • SteveC

    @Freadum Ovspeach:

    And the earth is 5000 years old?

    Is that ‘up for debate’ as well.

  • James

    Why is it that when a black homophobic person comes a long it gets really racist on here?

  • ewe

    Silence him once and for all. This is no different than Michael Richards ranting on about niggers.

  • ewe

    Tracy Morgan was never funny either. He is just plays stupid for lots of money.

  • ewe

    Remember that this is the same guy who once said he would toss his son out of the house if he ever noticed his sons cock was bigger than his cause he couldn’t have that in HIS house. I think i heard that on jay leno. NO surprise there. He is a piece of dirt with way too much of a spotlight and he should be put out to pasture once and for all.

  • Ashton cruz

    You know, what pisses me off about Tracy Morgan is that a couple of years ago, at Manhattan’s Cafeteria restaurant, one late night this disgusting fat asgrabbed me by the ass, and pulled to him and asked me to let him fuck me in the bathroom. He was drunk and sloppy and telling me a mans ass is like a tight pussy and that he didn’t care what he fucked as long as he was on top. It took all the restraint in the world for me not to spit on his face. And I know other friends who have had the same experience with the pig. and now this shit?

    Yes Tracy, because we all want to get fucked by a talentless crackhead with a sexy colostomy bag filled piss and shit attached to his side. Die already.

  • andy

    I don’t have cable or watch TV but honestly I always thought this guy was a GAY. Maybe it is a choice for him??? As we all know many of the haters are just plain old Closet Cases.

  • SteveC

    He needs to be fired from 30 Rock.

    We must start contacting the advertisers on 30 Rock unless Morgan is fired.

    I don’t want a half-assed meaningless apology from him. He clearly meant every word he said.

    Where is Michael Richards these days.

    Tracy Morgan deserves the same reaction.

  • asa1973

    @Fitz: Seriously? Ugh! Can you be disgusted by his disgusting behavior without responding to it with the insinuation disgusting behavior. If you haven’t figured it out by now, you disgust me…

    On another note, I hope this seriously mauls Tracy’s career. I love 30 Rock but cringe every time he comes on the screen. Fire him already. Bring Wanda Sykes on the show.

  • asa1973

    @Freadum Ovspeach: Do you know Kathy Griffin??? Even at her raunchiest, she would never say such disgusting things. Never.

  • Scott Rose

    Scott –
    Here is Tracy’s statement. Please let me know if you have further questions.

    “I want to apologize to my fans and the gay & lesbian community for my choice of words at my recent stand-up act in Nashville. I’m not a hateful person and don’t condone any kind of violence against others. While I am an equal opportunity jokester, and my friends know what is in my heart, even in a comedy club this clearly went too far and was not funny in any context.”


    Your client Tracy Morgan’s fake apology is a non-apology and was only issued after pressure was put on you and on him. Where Morgan says “I am an equal opportunity jokester” we see what a cowardly and unacceptable non-apology this is. Morgan said in his professional act, through which you personally made some money, that were his son conspicuously gay, he would take out a knife and stab him until he was dead. So what I want to know is, if Morgan really is an “equal opportunity jokester,” when he is going to say that if his son is conspicuously black, he will take out a knife and stab him until he is dead”?

    Morgan should tell his “equal opportunity jokester line to the Horse Marines.

    Morgan in his fake, “I’m trying to save my career and my ass” apology does not even do anything remotely urging acceptance and full legal equality of gay human beings. Is he going to be filming an LGBT-acceptance video, an “It gets better” type of thing? He is a New Yorker – is he going to right now this minute start making a video urging passage of the marriage equality bill in the New York State Senate before the session ends on June 20th?

    I want further to add that besides the specific verbal violence and encouragement to other malicious hoodlums to carry out anti-LGBT psychological and physical violence, your client’s threat to stab a gay child to death is extremely worrisome. Combined with Morgan’s known history of alcoholism and not properly taking care of his diabetic condition, one can only be gravely apprehensive about his fitness as a custodian of his own, or any other children when they are entrusted to his care.

    If you and your client believe that with a two-sentence phony fake non-apology you are going to make this go away, you are sorely mistaken.

    Scott Rose

  • OrchidIslander

    @Fitz: Anytime you want to stow rope in your truck and take on a black man, let me know. It would make my day to see you goose stepping my way.

  • Scott Rose

    [email protected]
    To NBC Corporate Headquarters:

    Please know that “comedian” Tracy Morgan’s two-line non-apology for a malicious anti-gay tirade he unleashed during a show in Tennessee has only served further to alarm the LGBT community nationwide of the danger that Tracy Morgan presents to LGBTers’ psychological and physical well-being nationwide.

    “I was only joking” is one of the anti-gay bully’s oldest and lamest tricks. We do not accept having Tracy Morgan deploy that lame trick on us.

    For reference, below you will find an e-mail thread including Nicole Chabot’s e-mail containing Tracy Morgan’s fraudulent “apology.”

    This was far from being the first time that Tracy Morgan has communicated with malice aforethought towards the LGBT community.

    The attitudes he has been for years conveying are manifested in such acts of brutality as the savage beating of the transgender Chrissy Lee Polis in a Maryland McDonald’s, caught on video and still widely available on the internet.

    In his fake and unacceptable non-apology, Tracy Morgan said that he is an “equal opportunity jokester.” That is a fraudulent statement. In his recent act in Tennessee, he said that if his son were conspicuously gay, he would take out a knife and stab him until he was dead. Morgan is not about to say that if his son were conspicuously black, he would take out a knife and stab him until he was dead. The “equal opportunity jokester” claim that Morgan makes is not acceptable.

    There are many things that Morgan could at this time be doing to make amends for his lengthy history of gay bashing. For example, he could be fronting the seed money and undertaking a fund-raising campaign for an NYC safe home for homeless LGBT youth. About half of all homeless youth in NYC are gay. Most often, they get thrown out of their homes with nothing to eat and no health care, because their parents are vicious anti-gay bigots.

    Morgan also could be campaigning relentlessly over the next few days for New York State Senate passage of the marriage equality bill. The State Senate session end on June 20.

    Morgan could also record a video, apologizing for all of his past anti-gay bigotry and urging people consistently to treat LGBTers with respect.

    He is doing none of these things, we have duly noted. His fake non-apology is as though he had sneezed and believed he only needed to tell himself Gesundheit to make the problem go away for him and for NBC.

    The problem is not going to “just go away.” NBC will be held accountable for promoting a gay-bashing ignoramus who encourages psychological and physical violence against the LGBT community nationwide.

    Scott Rose

  • anonymous

    Are you kidding me?

    There was a huge story about him finally getting kicked out of Cafeteria Restaurant on 7th avenue and 17th street in Manhattan for man-grabbing waiters on more than one occasion…

  • jay

    Follow this link to NBC and select “30 Rock” from the drop-down menu. You can write a short note demanding that he be removed from the show next season as many others have done:


  • Amber024

    @ewe: You mean ranting about “blacks” or “African Americans.” Please don’t use the N word. and please don’t turn this into a racial thing.

  • Anonymous

    No let them it just confirms what most of us blacks knew all along..that most white gays are racist. The black(latino and Asian also) community may vote democrat but by and large we are socially conservative. I think the disconnect is that gays equate behavior to race and as a black person myself I find that offensive. When your raised in a culture where homosexuality is not a norm i think it’s just as intolerant for what are upper-middle class white gays to judge a community because they don’t agree with a sexual behavior. As for Morgans comments about the stabbing and bullying..he was joking but what he is saying is most of us grew up in lower income neighborhoods where being weak was not an option. Most gays are from upper-middle class suburbia and can’t relate to racial minorities.

  • Tommy Shepherd

    “Most gays are from upper-middle class suburbia and can’t relate to racial minorities”. Hmmm – I’d be interested in seeing where you get your information from. Do you have access to any sociological studies which can prove these two strong claims?

  • Jeffree

    @Tommy Shepherd: What you’re looking for would be demographic studies, but your question is right on! Anonymous, like its name, is a troll seeking to stir up trouble [see it’s other incoherent posts on other threads in the last few hours], so until it offers some reasonable data / cites, we can be pretty sure it’s not worth engaging with.

  • declanto

    @Anonymous: Oh, please! I’m embarrassed for you showing your ignorance like that! What is this obsession with “upper-middle-class whites” if it’s not racism? You do yourself and your “humble” background a disservice and needlessly piss off a whole bunch of people.
    @ewe: I used to think you were at least somewhat interesting but when you start flailing with the “N” word, you’re just pathetic.

  • Alexandre

    hes just a mindless ignorant clown , there’s no point in listening to what he says

  • Eric

    “most gays are from upper middle class surbabia and can’t relate to racial minorities?” Really???


    Have you never been to a friggin city (any city USA) there are black, hispanic, asian gays etc… everywhere. As though being gay corresponds with a skin color now?

    I swear as much as Tracy Morgan might be an idiot, many of you might as well have been right there with him on that stage. As though an attack on gays is only an attack on white gays.


  • HR

    If you are looking for texts (studies may be harder to come across), just Google/scholar “queer liberalism.”

  • Queer Supremacist - I Abuse Breeders

    The only racists on this site are the gay black uncle Toms who whine about those EEEEEVIL “gay white men” and will defend a “straight” black homophobe against those EEEEEEVIL “gay white men” who rightly condemn them for attacking us and making us look like racists for fighting back, hiding behind their race and their ancestors’ PAST oppression to justify their complicity in the PRESENT oppression of gays.

    This gay white man is sick and tired of it, and I’m saying right here and right now to all of you: JUST. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. No one here has ever defended anti-black racism. Quite frankly, homophobia is worse than racism. When you attack gays, you attack members of every race, religion, and nationality. You don’t know how well “straight” black people have it now compared to gays of ALL races. And before you push the usual litany of historical grievances, remember that we gays have been receiving them for five times as long as you.

    Bring on your self-righteous anglophobic ad hominem responses. I’ll be watching one of your fellow bigots on The Jeffersons and gleefully ignoring your Farrakhanesque pap.

  • Marvin

    Boycott 30 Rock unless Traci Morgan is off it!

  • Dr. Dick

    @Queer Supremacist – I Abuse Breeders: See, and this is how it happens. I (Black+Queer) agree with what you’re saying about the seemingly unfair defense of homophobic black celbrities by “gay black uncle toms”, but you’re not having anymore compassion for them than you expect them to have for you…
    part of the problem could be comments from people “On Your Side” of the issue:
    ewe saying nigger, that awful truck lynching wisecrack, and using the term “Uncle Tom”… all you’re doing is alientating us (minorities).
    Now, being White, you’ll never understand what it’s like to know that the majority of people in the Western world used you for labor, raped/kidnapped you and didn’t even start conmsidering you human until the last century or so. THAT STILL MATTERS, but the collective cultural memory is something sorta lacking from American white cultur, so nultimately this all falls on def ears.
    I’m sorry if I can’t put it nto words, but ALL non-White cultures are going to be Iffy about Teh Whites, as “past oppression” has long and still very real psycho-social effects (internalized racism, projection, etc…) sooo yeah…
    to say that “black queens” or “uncle toms” are the ones perpetrating the “racism”, it’s becuz you don’t have a context for sympathizing. Being Queer makes you a minority, but not necessarily outwardly so.

  • Queer Supremacist - I Abuse Breeders

    @Dr. Dick: Why in hell should I try to be conciliatory when every attempt to do so is met with attacks on MY race, and attempts to justify non-white racism against whites based on history, which is what you’re doing? I will not sympathize with anyone who hates me because of what I am, and if your ancestors faced that same prejudice, well then tough shit. You get back what you give and a whole lot more.

    What is happening to gays is HAPPENING RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW. My gay supremacy is based on the present actions of heterosexuals in the name of heterosexuality. It is not only history.

    I am a Jew. My people, that is, BOTH my people, were targeted for genocide by Adolf Hitler, and he was just one of many. And we were slaves in Egypt, too. And now it’s the Muslim genocidal maniacs in the Middle East that are the greatest current threat to the Jews. Don’t 3,000 years of Jewish oppression plus 2,000 years of gay oppression count as “understanding what it’s like”? What about the oppression of gays by Christians in Uganda and by Communists in Zimbabwe? Those Ugandan Christians and Zimbabwean Communists are Black. If you saved your white-bashing for white Christians and I would not only agree with you but join you. Blacks, gays, and Jews have a common history and common oppressors in the past and present. Infighting is counterproductive for us. Until you stop projecting your racism onto us and stop using history as an excuse for bigotry against people who don’t deserve it, we are going to continue to lash out at you and your idiotic attempts to dodge responsibility. If people don’t like you, it’s often for reasons unrelated to your race. It’s related to how you treat people.

    Don’t forget your history, but please stop living in the past and look at the real oppression of gays of all races at the hands of the Christian-Muslim-heterosexual Axis of Evil that is going on right here and right now.

    An Uncle Tom is someone who tries to rationalize, defend, or even justify oppression to save his own sorry ass. I stand by my calling IAbuseGays or any gay black who defends hetero black homophobes against EEEEEEVIL “gay white men” an Uncle Tom.

  • ewe

    @Amber024: You need to address your concerns to Tracy Morgan hun.

  • ewe

    @declanto: I don’t live every minute of my life in a virtual world. fuck off. I could care less what you think of me now or thought of me before.

  • ewe

    Amber024 and declanto: you may think that you can accuse the person who speaks of Michael Richards using the word nigger as using the word nigger all you fucking want but it doesn’t make it so. You two are disturbed. Stay on topic. Tracy Morgan is the one who pissed off a lot of people. Stop trying to turn things around. Must be your militant agenda.

  • Bradley D

    He is right, gay’s a choice !

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