Trailer for new web series about gay hookup culture just dropped and we’re already hooked

The teaser trailer for Jaded, a new gay web series, has just dropped and we can hardly wait for more.

The series was created by and stars JD Scalzo. It features a large and diverse cast, including the one and only Bob the Drag Queen, and explores the gay dating and hookup scene in San Francisco.

Jaded tells the story of an ordinary man living in the extraordinary city of San Francisco. We follow him as he traverses the gay dating world, looking for love in all the wrong places while on a relentless search for something more. Of course, it’s based on some of my experiences and personal journey, but offers a universal slice-of-life look into the sometimes heartbreaking, never dull, and always exciting San Francisco gay community.

The series is being financed through a Go Fund Me page and is currently in production. It is expected to premiere this fall.