Trannie MP Steps Down, Makes Funny

Transexual MP Georgina Beyer stepped down yesterday after over ten years as a leading New Zealand politician. Instead of of hammering out bills and laws, Ms. Beyer will be trying her hand at acting and dancing in a production Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks. As if that’s not enough, she’s also apparently mulling a mayoral race and collaborating on a film version of her life, tentatively entitled, Girl. And what a film it will make.

While living as a man, Beyer made her dough as a hustler and dancer in Australia. Fed up with being a man of the night, Beyer decided to become a woman of the day and moved to New Zealand, where she worked in a number of restaurants. A champion of queer rights, Beyer ran for office in the town of Wairarapa, where she eventually became mayor before taking national office.

Stepping down yesterday, Beyer got a little misty, saying her Parliamentary run has been “the greatest moment in my life”. Sentimentality’s all well and good, but Beyer made sure to inject a little humor:

…While I have relished the opportunity of being a member in this house, I am glad I don’t possess one…

She means a penis, of course. It’s funny because she’s a trannie who doesn’t have a penis. Quite a ham, that Georgina.

(PS: She wants Halle Berry to play her in the movie. Apparently she doesn’t realize that the sex change operation doesn’t change one’s race…)