Trannie Takes On European Politics

Trannies unite! Italy has elected its first transgenered MP (Member of Parliament), Vladimir Luxuria, in a landslide victory that has been predicted for several months. Luxuria originally rose to noteriety as a nightclub performer and organizer of Italy’s gay pride parades, but has left the glamourous life behind to pursue politics.

We are absolutely ecstatic over Ms. Luxuria’s win, and can’t wait to see what she has in store. She’s already vowed to push for equal gay marriage rights for Italian gay couples, although we can’t imagine her convincing The Vatican to turn a blind eye on that one. The newly-elected Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi, is promising a civil-unions type of partnership law, which will most likely pass. But Luxuria will certainly make the process more interesting.

We encourage the drag queen/transvestite/transsexual community of the United States to consider an increase in the political spectrum, although perhaps not follow entirely in Luxuria’s footsteps: she ran on the Communist party ticket.

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