Trannies: Will Work For Food

trannie jobs

Everyone knows the power of film. One need only look at all of the (mostly) positive attention Brokeback Mountain has been giving the gay community. We’d hate to think that the only reason so much attention the media has been giving transgenders lately is due to something other than a certain Desperate Housewife donning a wig and some make-up to play a pre-op in TransAmerica. But, alas, movies are great attention-getters.

Sure we knew that trannies faced discrimination in the world, but we weren’t aware that these hard-working men and women find it hard to just get a job with the man.

Marilyn Robinson turned tricks for almost 20 years before she decided to look for legal employment. She got her GED and, eventually, a job at an insurance company. The first six months went OK, but then a supervisor “thought he had the right to call me RuPaul,” she told us. “And I look nothing like RuPaul.” Suddenly the women in the office refused to use the bathroom if Robinson was around. She left within a month.

And you thought your 9-5er was bad. Some trannies can’t even get their uppity co-workers to share a bathroom let alone a printer.

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