Trannyshack Calendar

trannyshack calendar

The coming of the New Year means many things: new resolutions, New Year’s Eve parties, and new calendars. We are calendar junkies around here and are very well aware that every celebrity, every artist, and every shop has a calendar to peddle these days. We’ve found the best, though.

Trannyshack is San Francisco’s legendary drag show. If you’ve never been, we’re sorry. It makes drag pageants and shows in other cities look G-rated. The Trannyshack girls are nasty. It’s the club that launched the Scissor Sisters and its stage has been home to every drag queen you can think of and all the ones too bad to remember.

Heklina is a Queerty friend and the creator of Trannyshack. And now that the Trannyshack 2006 calendar has been released we’re thrilled to be able to reminisce each day we look up at these beautiful girls.

Trannyshack Calendar [Jimmy Loveless]
Trannyshack [Heklina]