Documentary Goes To Prison

Trans Cons Take Center Stage

Hopefully no one will take this the wrong way, but we’re so happy we’re content with our gender. Being trans must be one of the hardest things in the world, especially for trans women behind bars: an underrepresented population represented in Cruel and Unusual: Transgender in Prison.

The gender-bending documentary won loads of awards and even more praise for its even-handed examination of our unjust justice system. ACLU’s prison activist Elizabeth Alexander remarked:

This moving and thoughtful documentary raises awareness about the abuse, isolation and poor medical care faced by transgender prisoners. We hope that the film’s insight will be a springboard for new policies that adequately protect this vulnerable community.

We can’t imagine the horror of being trans in prison, but we can certainly try – WE network’s airing the documentary next Monday at 10pm. We’ll be tuning in and think you should, too.

For more info on the movie, click here.